Why Do People Post 11:11 on Snapchat?

Well, this trend was bound to happen. Now, Snapchat users are posting the time with the time filter when it is 11:11. Most people in the United States grew up being told that they need to make a wish at 11:11 pm for the next day. Their wish was going to come true if they made it before it turned 11:12 pm. This is the reason so many people are posting it to their story.

In essence, you need to make a wish when you see it turns 11:11 pm. Is this something you are seeing more of on Snapchat? Does it get on your nerves?

5 thoughts on “Why Do People Post 11:11 on Snapchat?

  1. Kim

    I really don’t care about 11:11. Just let people live there lives the way they want to even if it’s stupid. It’s interesting


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