Why Do People Post 11:11 on Snapchat?

Well, this trend was bound to happen. Now, Snapchat users are posting the time with the time filter when it is 11:11. Most people in the United States grew up being told that they need to make a wish at 11:11 pm for the next day. Their wish was going to come true if they made it before it turned 11:12 pm. This is the reason so many people are posting it to their story.

In essence, you need to make a wish when you see it turns 11:11 pm. Is this something you are seeing more of on Snapchat? Does it get on your nerves?

11 thoughts on “Why Do People Post 11:11 on Snapchat?

  1. Kim

    I really don’t care about 11:11. Just let people live there lives the way they want to even if it’s stupid. It’s interesting

  2. Tay

    People often do shoutouts at that time so for example they’ll do the time than this 🔐Haylee🔐💟Monty💟But before hand they ask who wants to have there name up .. Yes I have done 11:11 onc but not every SINGLE day . I do it once a Friday okay LOL you guys enjoy your day. Btw you are all amazing and thanks frp

  3. Connie

    Oh my Lord my friend and to their girlfriend send hearts and I love yous with heart stickers on a black screen saying ll:11 every day. Like my friend checks his phone, sees it’s eleven, and immediatley makes one and sends it to her. Every day lol.


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