12 Year Old Boys on Instagram

It is very well known that middle school and high school students are on Instagram and Snapchat. The difference between Instagram and Snapchat is it is often easier to find people on Instagram. Snapchat makes it hard because there is no real way to search. That said, Instagram is getting harder and harder to find boys that you may find hot or cute. If you are looking for 12 year old boys that are looking for a girlfriend on Instagram, you have come to the right place.

If you are a 12 year old boy and are looking for a girlfriend on Instagram, comment below. Make certain to state that you are a boy looking for a girlfriend. Also, please comment with exactly what you are looking for in a girlfriend. This will help the girls to know who to contact and slide into their DMs.

If you are a girl looking for a 12 or 13 year old boyfriend, comment below and let the boys know what you are looking for. When the boys see your Instagram name, they will then be able to contact you privately through Instagram DMs.

25 thoughts on “12 Year Old Boys on Instagram

  1. Jbj_socool

    I like boys who dont care about my looks but like me for my nice but crazy mind.
    I’d prefer mixed boys like Puerto Ricans and African American. Someone i can talk to 24/7 when i need to. Someone who is ready for a relationship. And someone i can call bea, babe, king, my boyfriend

  2. Muntaz

    Im a girl and 12 , im looking for a BF who lives in Europe because im from England and like we can be together online then when we get to know each other and feel most comfortable , we meet up . I’m kinda used to Either white or mixed boys but either is fine and love you to whoever is reading this

  3. Mercedes Lathrop

    I’m 13 and I live in Colorado Springs, and I’m looking for a BF living near Peyton in Colorado Springs. Please date me, you know, I’ve your living near me.
    Check out all my social media if your interested in this.
    Instagram: Justsyblings23
    Snapchat: mlathrop77
    Facebook: Mercedes Lathrop

  4. Nova

    Hi my name is nova and I need a boyfriend who will love me not because of my looks but of my personality my instagram is loveslime4life_nz please contact me

  5. Maya

    Hi I’m Maya. I looking for a kind nice man who is not racist. He like girls because of there personality and nothing else.
    This is my insta

  6. Karen

    Hey I’m Karen. I like boys who don’t care about looks but like me for my personality. I really just don’t care about looks I just want someone I can talk to 24/7. DM me on Instagram @godesspurp

  7. Sasha

    My name is sasha I need a biy friend that will love me and I want him to ne cute nice and thoughtful so if ur out their you can hit me up on my instagram its @sashapena75 how we talk soon.

  8. Kirra-Lee Allan

    I’m 12 and live in Australia I need a bf that cares and I need someone to talk to when I’m sad or alone and wants to do the things I like to do and the things he likes to do

  9. Gabrielle

    Hi. I’m an 11 year old girl. I’m looking for a 12 year old/13 year old boyfriend! I’m looking for someone who can love on me, someone I can call mine, someone who I can act crazy with, love me for who I am, not look at me from my looks, but from personality. I’m interested in Caucasian,, and soon, when we grow up to meet somewhere.

  10. kimi janelle

    hello im looking for a 13 or 12 year old boy who will love me forever and miss me a lot my insta is @kimijanelle_ and @i.love.udaddy my snap is @kjanelle80

  11. Cayden

    I’m a boy looking for a 12 year old girl that won’t break my heart, and will love me even more than me to them I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada if u live by me please hmu @dank_memes_4lif


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