12 Year Old Girls on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for elementary school and middle school students in the United States and throughout the World. With this being the case, it should come as no surprise that many middle school boys are looking for 12 year old girls that are active and available on Snapchat. Note that Snapchat is an app that is strictly available to those that are 12+.

If you are a 12 year old girl and you are looking for boys to talk to on Snapchat, please post your name below. The 12 year old boys will find you on this resource. You can also go to this resource to find 12 year old boys that are on Snapchat.

Please be cognizant of what you leave in the comments. Do not leave your actual location, address or phone number. You should only leave your Snapchat name. If you are seeking a 12 or 13 year old boyfriend on Snapchat, this is a great way to meet him.

44 thoughts on “12 Year Old Girls on Snapchat

  1. xx_kaixxxx

    I’m 12, a girl & my names Rachel
    Snap chat- xx_kaixxxx
    I’m looking for a guy that’s not afraid to show his face. preferably Emo, 12-13 is fine I’ve been called good looking but I don’t believe it

    1. Collin Rodden

      Hey I’m looking for 12 year old girl likes to live with a lil bit of edge ppl say I’m cute… HMU on snap at collin.rodden92

    1. Gracie

      Hi Diego ummmm I just want someone to talk to really. I’m not looking for a bf just a friend BTW this applies to everyone too 😁😎 Snapchat: graciev691 :3

  2. Adam

    I’m a 12 year old male and I’m looking for a 12 year old female that’s not afraid to show here face and a bit horny

  3. Bastian Budich

    Hey my name is Bastian I’m a German kid I live in America tho I’m 12 my birthday is May 1 I’m looking for a girl to text with HMU

    Snap: imbozzlike

  4. Bastian

    I’m a German boy I live in America I’m 12 my bf is May 1 I’m lonely HMU my username is: imbozzlike

  5. Mathisvb11

    Hi im 13 years old searching for a bf/friend ( maybe even more ) i like sports. Add me on snapchat: mathis_vb

  6. Devansh

    Hello there,
    I am a 12 yr old boy
    United Kingdom
    Looking for a girl the same age as me

  7. Jayden

    Hi my name is Jayden I’m looking for a cute 12 year old girls that I can talk to and share secrets with

  8. Jayden

    Snap is giantjaden123
    I’m 12
    Looking for same aged cute girl
    Not afraid to show my feelings and face
    Hit me up if looking for boyfriend 😋😋

  9. Izzy M.

    Looking for a kind, funny, and smart girl and who likes me the way I am. Then add me on snapchat israelmartine3. I am a boy btw😀😂

  10. Ashley H.

    I am a girl who is a lesbian. Add me missflorida84. Also if u can would i like to see you girl with no clothes…..but I am not asking u its up to u……


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