13 Year Old Girls on Instagram

Finding a single 13 year old girl at your middle school or high school could be a challenge. It can be even harder to get their Snapchat or Instagram name. Fortunately, we have created a forum in which you can find single, 13 year old girls looking for a boyfriend on Instagram. If you are a single, 13 year old girl that happens to be looking for a boy to talk to on Instagram, comment below with your Insta name and exactly what you are looking for. Please be very detailed in what you desire.

If you are a 12 or 13 year old boy and you are looking for a girlfriend, comment below with your Instagram name so the girls can contact you. Understand that this is a public forum so you do not want to post anything that you do not want publicly on the Internet.

With thousands of girls and boys looking for a gf or bf every day, it should not be hard to find a crush on Instagram.

82 thoughts on “13 Year Old Girls on Instagram

  1. John

    I’m John and I’m 13 and almost 14 looking for a girl that is super hot and that lives in Torrance,CA and hit me up on Instagram it’s John_california_savage and also I’m super hot and got rich stuff 😜.

    1. Emma

      I don’t live in Torrance but I would like to get the know you. I can’t find your insta can you slide into me dms my inst is _e_emma_13_

  2. jake

    Im a 13 year old boy looking for a girl that is chill and truthful and can express her feelings to me and has my back and wants to work together with me.

  3. Kingsley

    Hi I’m a 13 yr old (guy)
    Jus looking out for some girls on insagram
    Slide into them dm’s
    But actually I’m looking for a girl who has personality
    Nothing else.

  4. Joshua

    I’m a 13 year old boy that will be 14 in January. I play basketball and soccer and I hunt. I want a girl that is nice, caring, country, and calm.

      1. Zachary

        Hi my name is Zach (12) looking for a gf That can slide into my Dm’s Wan a try 😉 I’m Short,Smart,And play soccer 3 favorite sports Soccer,Basketball,hockey, and my Insta is zac0262

  5. Martial Shepler

    I’m a 12 year old boy looking for a nice sweet girl who is thoughtful and understanding. My gf died and I am in depression. So yea female ages 12-15 and my insta is cyberr_warriorr

  6. Emma

    Hi boys, I’m 13 live in England but just looking for an online relationship at the moment reply tell me you insta and I will maybe slide into your DM’s xxx

  7. Olena

    Hi I am 12 year old girl looking for a boyfriend who is 13, or 14 years old.Who is kind, caring , loving, cute guy my instagram is @olena1319

  8. Sophie

    Lmao, I was looking for some models my age to follow on insta and I find this? I’ve had some real creepy older guys hmu on instagram, no joke my school and police got involved. Girls, and boys, please stay safe? This could get kinda dangerous, who knows if some of these people are actually way older than they say? It’s all good to meet people online but make sure they are our age or similar (I’d say 12-15), honestly people nowdays are insane and you never know what’s really going on in peoples heads. Then again, it’s your choice and it’s fine to message people on here, but just remember there is a risk 🙂

  9. Emma ❤️

    Hi my Instagram is _photogtaphy124_ and I’m a 13 yr old girl looking for a bf to chat to and who will understand me if I’m going through a hard time

    1. Zachary

      I will help you thro yo problems I had a hard life too Follow my insta @zac0262 I promise it will get better if it hasn’t already

  10. Noah

    Hi my name is noah I’m looking for a girlfriend on Snapchat I’m 13 in 2 weeks and my Snapchat username is @heymy150

  11. Isaac

    Hi I’m Isaac I’m 13 and I am looking for a girl that I can love and care for and have the same reciprocated to me. My snap is isaact.h and Insta is @isaac_t_hand

  12. Zachary

    Hi I’m Zach (12 ) Need Gf I’m smart,Funny and stay up till 3 Am if I want Can u girls slide into my dm’s I play soccer my 3 favorite sports are Soccer,Basketball,hockey My Insta is zac0262

  13. Marley

    Hi I’m a 12 almost 13 year old girl looking for an online relationship with a guy my insta is @marleyzzspamthing I actually do modeling so yeah just DM me

  14. Jack

    Hi I’m a 12 year old boy looking to talk with a cute, funny, and sweet girl who is around the age fo 12 to 13 years old and is willing to talk if I’m feeling down. My insta is jackhaynes2006

  15. jassie

    im jasmin, im 12 (turning 13) and i live in australia! looking for a guy thats 12-14 that can care for me, give me non stop attention and always care for me and be there for me. If thats you, dm me on insta; @jasclarke._
    (dm me the code 184 so i know its you xx)
    see yall on there xoxoxo


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