13 Year Old Girls on Snapchat

Finding a 13 year old, single girl on Snapchat can be very difficult. Snapchat does not allow you to search for users, no less users of a specific age. For this reason, many 13 and 14 year old boys are searching on the Internet to find 13 year old girls. If you are a 13 year old girl that is looking for friends on Snapchat, please comment below. Only comment with your Snapchat name and nothing else. Do not leave your location, city, phone number or any other information.

If you are a 13 year old boy looking for a girlfriend on Snapchat, you should find some options on this page. If you are a 13 year old girl looking for a boyfriend, use this resource. Remember, Snapchat is a great way to get to know someone, but be careful who you give private information to. Snapchat will allow you to see pictures and videos of the other person so it is better than Facebook and Instagram when it comes to getting to know a girl.

Please comment below with your Snapchat name if you are a girl.

257 thoughts on “13 Year Old Girls on Snapchat

          1. Bailey Marshall

            Hey Amanda im 13, single on sc and my name on sc is berlock12, my name is Bailey

          2. Geoffrey

            Hello Amanda I am a 13 year old boy if you want to chat for a while on sc and get to know each other better I think we can date

          3. Oscar cruz

            Ay im just wondering if you wanna date if your sure about it im 13 and also looking for a gf also i sent you a request on snapchat @itzyahboiioscar

          4. Joey

            Hey I’mma 13 year old boy trying to find a gf and I was wondering if you would HMU and we could talk. Snapchat- joeybazzetta

          5. Isaac

            Hey Amanda I’m a 12 year old boy and I think we can get to know each other

            Add me isaac.rainey200

    1. Jakob

      Yo I would like to get to know you if you’re still single and or interested Snapchat JakobeWard
      I’m 14 BTW at the time of this Post

  1. Tom-Aksel

    Im 13 year old boy and im turning 14 in this year 2018, im looking for a girl on my age to just chat with when im bored right now. My username is, tdanielsen9

  2. Travon

    Add me tra_duhgoat and I’m really just lookin for a girl with blond hair blue eyes and is 13 who wants to chat it doesn’t ha e to be a blue rated blond hair chick btw

      1. Carlos

        I’m a 13 year old boy that look sameone to talk to or much more.I’m hard working,can draw and looking for sameone to spend my money on.(girls olny)

  3. Izzy M.

    I am a 14 year old boy. Looking for a cute, fun, smart girl. And looking for a girl who likes anime as much as I do, then add me israelmartine3. Also btw i am also deaf in one ear.

  4. Ashley H.

    I am a girl who is 14 and is a lesbian. Add me missflorida84. Also if u can would like to see you girl with no clothes…..but I am not asking u its up to u……

  5. Vick

    I love how this site is meant for girls to comment, but 2/3 of this site is guys commenting😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Caleb Kabat

    I’m a 14 year old boy looking for a cute, white, skinny, nonathletic, girlfriend. If anyone is interested to talk more add me on snapchat: ckabat19

  7. Olivia

    Hey, my name is Olivia and I’m a 13 year old girl looking for a cute guy to text. Add my snap if ya want ofinn8 🔥💋

  8. Sajid

    I am Sajid and I want to make girlfriends on snapchat if you want to chat then my snapchat I’d is sajidA1034

  9. Crystal

    Hi, My name is Crystal and I am 14 years old and I am looking for a hot ass bf!!!! MY SNAPCHAT IS Annie.LeBlanc I am not the famous girl I am a fan account

    1. Dil Dil ❤️

      hi crystal! i feel like we would be great together. i dont know if i am hot myself but i do think i am pretty good looking. ill add u and my sc is dildil.kao

  10. Jake

    Hey girls. I’m a 15 year old boy who likes younger girls. You have to be able to take risk with me. And do stuff😉😉. HMU @Jake_rass02

  11. Ashton

    This is a bad idea, but 13m add me user is pleasegethelp, I dont judge people by there looks but it would be nice if u were cute(i find a lot of people cute tho) so hmu

  12. Elijah

    Hey girls I’m Elijah we can be friends or more than that we can send nudes or Naw 13 year old boy #girlsonly

    Snap ehofer14

  13. Ben

    hi, I’m 14 almost 15 looking for a girlfriend. I will do pretty much anything. I’m nice, kind and helpful, I would say I’m ugly but I’ve been called good looking befrore. add my Snapchat – bennyboy090903

  14. Izzy M.

    I am a 14 year old boy. Looking for a cute, fun, smart girl. And looking for a girl who likes anime as much as I do, then please add me israelmartine3. Also btw i am also deaf in one ear.

  15. Gabe

    Hey my name is gabe and I am 13 looking for a 13-14 year old girl that likes the outdoors add me @gfiegener9

  16. Only girls add me bcz i am not gay

    Hey there.
    15 years old boy looking for some girls.
    If you wanna some quality time,i have nice stuff to show,and also we can make some dirty talk or to send some dirty snaps.The choice is yours.
    I dont matter for girls age.
    If you interest feel free to pm me on snapchat @ marko1998markov

    1. orangejuice8555

      What has 13 yrs old evolveld to
      Yall to young

      But still add me im 14y old and im tall af

  17. Alone_boy69

    Hey 13 year old boy almost 14 looking for gf/sexting friend add me Alone_boy69

    ps: my dick is 28 cm

  18. Dalton fels

    Hi I am 13 a boy and I want nudes from girls and will send back so hook me up on snapchat….. Snapchat is felsfarm

  19. Sydney

    I’m a soon to be 14 year old girl just looking for new people to solcialize with or maybe some day become my boyfriend so hmu @sydneyhealeyy

  20. Nathaniel Johnson

    Im a 13 yr old boy just looking to get hit up with some nudes from girls around my age sc: natjohnson30

  21. Sean

    Just gonna cut to the chase. I am looking for a girl to be friends with benefits with, friends, or gf with. 13+ please. Be comfortable with trading nudes is preferred.
    sc: sean.parish24

  22. Nishia

    Im a 13yrs old girl, looking for a boyfriend that is 13-14 years old that is nice, half bad boy, funny❤️

    My sc: fluffynish_23

  23. Tim

    I’m a little bit older but if you like older guys HMU on my snap girls :perplexingpool. I think all girls are beautiful in their own way so HMU and we can chat 🙂

  24. Ty

    I’m looking for a gf. I don’t judge people by their looks. I’m pretty chill. I like gaming and sports. I’m 15 and my birthday is in a couple days. I’d like someone to talk to me and make my day. Add me @ballerbear49 on snap.

  25. Rosie jordan

    Hi I’m 14 and I just want a boy to get to know and see where it goes 🤷‍♀️ Add my snapchatt : rosiejordanxx

  26. Dakota casebier

    Hi 15 year old male here looking for gf I’m short , but im a good person my snap is dcasebier602 plz hmu

  27. Nishia

    Hey 13 yrs old girl, looking for a boyfriend that is 13-14 yrs old, and that is nice, kind, caring, funny, plays basketball. No nudes


  28. Nishia

    13 yrs girl looking for a boyfriend that is 13-14 yrs old, and nice, caring, funny, cute, plays basketball. No nudes

    Sc: fluffynish

  29. Superboy

    Hi I’m looking for a gf I’m 14 years old I’m don’t judge by looking but she must be honest and I’m 160cm tall and 46 kilos weight and I’m training I started with chest I have a strong one and then I will go to arms I’m looking for a 12/13 years old gf

  30. Gracie

    Hi my name is Gracie and I’m looking for a BF go add me on snap now if you want to talk and chat with me any boys that are cute and that are 13 years old @ gnovick17


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