14 Year Old Boys on Snapchat

At the age of 14, boys and girls are starting to consider a long term, serious relationship. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can change someone’s life at a young age. As an 8th grader or freshman in high school (9th grade) it can be very difficult to find someone to talk to. This is why social media has become so popular. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find single, 14 year old boys that are on Snapchat.

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can simply search for users or search hashtags. You cannot do this on Snapchat. Fortunately, we have thousands of Snapchat users that have posted their screenname so other users can contact them. Use the search feature of this website to search for 14 year old boys that are single and on Snapchat.

If you are a 14 year old girl and you are looking for a steady boyfriend, crush or fling, comment below with your name and some of your interests. You will be able to find boys that want to send you Snapchat pictures, videos and texts all the time.

18 thoughts on “14 Year Old Boys on Snapchat

  1. Ebony

    hi my name is Ebony I’m 13 years old just looking for a boy to talk to 😊 Snapchat:elinton17
    Instagram: Ebony linton

  2. Justin Russell

    I am a 13 year old boy looking for anyone to talk to to become friends or maybe more my Snapchat is justin5soccer

    1. Justin Russell

      I am no longer single so please dont snap me. If there’s a way to delete my first comment can someone tell me how

  3. Jessica

    Hi my name is Jessica and I’m looking for a friend or a boyfriend I’m live in Victoria I’m 12 and my snap chat is jessixa❤️❤️

  4. Katie :D

    Hey, My name is Katie I’m just a 13 going on 14 year old girl and I’m looking for some good friends I can chat with. I love basket ball,Nintendo Games,Baking,Social Media.
    Here’s my Snapchat if you want to start a chat! :3
    Snapchat: katiesantana1


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