200 MPH in Singapore Snapchat Story on September 19th, 2015

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I had no idea F1 racing was so popular in Singapore. In fact, I didn’t even know this sport was going on this time of year. Having grown up in NASCAR country I do know that racing fans will do anything to watch their driver win the race. I am not familiar with many of the F1 drivers right now so I will simply leave you with a handful of screenshots from the 200 MPH in Singapore Snapchat story:

singapore-fireworks-snapchat-story racing-f1-snapchat-story ferrari-snapchat-story f1-singapore-snapchat-story 200-mph-snapchat-story

The race was in Marina Bay, Singapore and if you are a fan of Ferrari, Audi, BMW or Mercedes sports cars this was the Snapchat story for you. If you are a diehard racing fan, did you find this Snapchat story entertaining? What could Snapchat have done to make it better?

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