2019 Memorial Day Sales Shared on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat

Each and every year, more and more retailers, websites and car dealerships push holiday sales and deals. Back in the early days of the Internet, there were very few retailers that realized the power of Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day sales. Black Friday was always a huge event and Cyber Monday evolved shortly after retailers started to build out websites but it took a decade for most to realize just how much Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day and Veterans Day was searched.

Now, we are seeing Memorial Day car sales, President’s Day tire sales and Labor Day mattress sales being marketed on all major platforms. Almost all retailers are pushing these sales and deals on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. It is very hard to use any social media app during a sales holiday without seeing a ton of advertisements for markdown prices on high ticket items.

It is important for retailers to remember that the larger the amount of the markdown, the more appealing it is to the consumer. Instead of 25% off a $100 jacket. People want to see that they can save $200 on a TV even though that is really only 5%. The bigger the number the better.

For instance, cars and trucks do very well during sales holidays because dealerships can advertise that the markdowns are thousands of dollars. Potential buyers will see they can save $2500 on a Hyundai Sonata rather than 25% off a brand new washing machine. Even though the percentage is much higher for the washing machine, it isn’t the same to consumers because the number is not as large.

This is something to consider when deciding what to push on social media and through all channels. Instagram is a great media to share pictures of high ticket items while Twitter is a great place to share links or generic price markdowns. As always, Facebook is a way to get the word out to a local market, especially if an item is something that will do very well when it comes to word of mouth.

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