27 Young Artists to Watch: Rising Stars Instagram Explore Accounts

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This one is fantastic! If you have been looking for the hottest up and coming artists and photographers you must check out the Instagram Explore tab today. On September 3rd, 2015 Instagram has compiled a list of the 27 young artists to watch. Here they are:

  • andxrs
  • scolerina9247
  • novess
  • alivialatimer
  • markotto
  • lemm.g
  • artphotographer17
  • light.feet
  • bob_sizoo
  • derzhanovskaya
  • whateverelie
  • jannikobenhoff
  • henribox
  • luckhard1
  • meghan_faulk
  • minivango
  • prince_sarmah
  • stop_ok
  • mourishandevolve
  • jojo.jonah
  • calebzahm
  • jack_ede
  • wikingens
  • thomasforman
  • abentpieceofwire
  • chaseguttman
  • isupersheng


I wonder how many new Instagram followers these accounts have received since they have been featured on this part of the Explore tab. I noticed that most of them had well over 10k followers already and some fo them had 100k. In the next 24 hours they will likely add thousands more. I am going to research just what happens when you get featured on the Instagram Explore tab.

3 thoughts on “27 Young Artists to Watch: Rising Stars Instagram Explore Accounts

  1. Rand Wilson

    At this pricepoint, it almost _cant_ fail.. Will it change everything and become a runaway success? That depends on whether or not ‘regular’ people like mom and dad adopt it, because the wirehead market alone isnt big enough.

  2. Chuck Cortes

    This device has great potential but I agree with Rand. If they can’t get the not so techie people to buy into it (especially when they are blinded by Apple favoritism) then this product may have a hard time getting traction. However, the way I see it it has a better chance than GoogleTv ever did and certainly more that the Nexus Q will ever dream of. Its a matter of getting the word out and Google+ has a lot of potential for that. I will get one as soon as I can but I would be sold instantly if it only had a way to play local content as well. To be able to watch a local video on any of my Nexus 4s, my Nexus 7 or PC from my network and be able to cast it to the TV would be awesome instead of having to start a program on GoogleTV and then trying to find the place I left it off. Even Plex sucks at that. I have high hopes for this device.

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