How to Add the 3D Coffee Mug, Crying Cloud, Popsicle and Rainbow to Snapchat

On April 18th, 2017 Snapchat added a few new features that are sure to impress long time Snapchat users. You can now add 3D images and text to your Snapchat videos and pictures. Many will be looking for ways to add the 3D coffee mug, crying cloud, popsicle, hand 10 hand and smiling rainbow. Fortunately, it is very easy to add these Snapchat filters.

Just like using Face Filters, hold down the screen, but use the front facing camera. You can then slide to the right two or three times to find the 3D world filters. You will see the smiling rainbow filter as the thumbnail. Once you have click on it, you can then click on the item and it will change to something else. You can also change the size of these filters if you pinch to zoom.

Are these filters you are going to use? Have you seen them on other people’s Snapchat stories?

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