A Great Content Writer is Worth Every Penny

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Finding the content writer for your website or business can sometimes be very difficult. At times it came seem as unlikely as finding true love. Many small to medium sized business owners have gone through dozens of writers only to find the writing does not fit the niche. Worse, there is a lack of understanding how to write for an audience. I am very fortunate in that I have a Google+ following of over 310,000 which allows me to completely understand how an audience consumes content. This is something that is not available to many content writers that sit at their word processor and do not interact or engage with a large group of people. For this reason, finding a great content writer that understands an audience is worth every penny.

Great Content Writers are Not Cheap

The website Fiverr is full of individuals willing to write for $5 an article. Always remember that you get what you pay for. If you want an engaging post that has the ability to go viral on social media it is likely not going to come at the cost of $5. An investment of $50 to $100 for a well written article has the ability to make a business or individual money well into the future. The prospect of making money in perpetuity is attractive to anyone that knows how to successfully run a business. Think of a content writer as an investment in the future. You may not make $10,000 today off an article today, but if that article is well written, ranks in Google search and helps potential customers better understand a service it can bring in new business for years or decades.


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One of the reasons great content writers can charge more per article or contract is because they are few and far between. Just yesterday, I was reading an article written by an Ivy League graduate. He was an engineering major but I was shocked at the lack of writing skills. I respect this man and recognize that he is one of the brightest individuals I know. That said, he does not have a background in content writing. He can fix a broken TV in 20 seconds but putting together a 1000 word article is a challenge. Having expertise in writing is a lost art. People no longer read for pleasure. In fact, reading as a whole has dropped with the advancements in social media. Consumers of content would rather soak up a 140 character Tweet than read a 4000 word article published in the Wall Street Journal.

Make the Correct Investment

Time is valuable. Many hard working business men and women do not have the time to brainstorm, write and edit a 1500 word article. They may have some ideas as to what they desire but there is not time in the day to complete the task. Rather than eliminating meaningful tasks, it is often worth it to invest a few hundred bucks in an amazing content writer that can take that work load off their shoulders. As mentioned earlier, finding that great content writer can be quite difficult. Some webmasters and small business owners have been searching for years.

Fortunately, Google+ is full of amazing writers. Not all of them are for hire, but some are. Take the time to read over a few articles by an individual author to determine if their written voice is correct for your business. I would also look at their About Page on Google+ to see if they express themselves well. If they have the ability to write, market and use social media I would suggest making an offer sooner rather than later. Individuals with these three skill sets are very valuable to any business model. Not only can they help you rank in search but they can help you build a brand and increase business through social media. That’s a plus!

Over the past month I have been consumed with content writing. That said I am always open to proposals that may fit my area of expertise. I have written on everything from life insurance to sports to financial services. I have a strong background as a webmaster and website owner so I am fully aware of the trials and tribulations that come along with running a business that has an online presence. I learned long ago that I could not be everything to everyone. Therefore, I branded myself as the content writer on social media, particularly Google+. Stop trying to be everything to everyone and hire that content writer to help your business. If you want to reach out to me feel free to email me at jwojdylo@gmail.com.

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