How to Add Instagram Followers to Snapchat Friends

Many people have emailed me or commented on random Snapchat articles to ask me if there was any way to add Instagram followers as Snapchat friends. As someone that knows the importance of accumulating Snapchat views and Snapchat friends I have had to come up with a work around to make certain my Instagram followers also add me on Snapchat. The best way to do this is to share your Snapchat QR Code or Selfie Ghost as an Instagram photo. You can do this often if you are active on Instagram quite a bit. This is what the QR code looks like:


If you have used Instagram for more than a week you will know how to upload a saved photo on your phone. Another suggestion is to add your Snapchat user name as the location on all the photos you upload to Instagram. This will continue to reiterate to your followers that they need to add you on Snapchat. Something I have seen that has been quite effective is to share a video on Instagram and tell your followers they will see more if they add you on Snapchat.

Remember that there is also a user profile on Instagram. It might be a good idea to use the Instagram link as something that tells people where to find you on Snapchat. At this time we do not have Snapchat online profiles but we can guess that will be coming in the near future. If you have written a blog post or have any type of published content online with your Snapchat name and QR code you will want to add that as your Instagram link.

Snapchat is for the moments in between the Instagrams so get your Instagram followers to add you as their friend on Snapchat.

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