Add Multiple Lines of Text On Snapchat Trick [Video]

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I learned this one today. You can add as much text as you want on Snapchat if you work backwards. Here is how you do it. You go to your notepad and hit enter four or five times. Then you select all and copy on the notepad. You can then go back to Snapchat, take a snap picture or video and select the text. You then paste the text. You will be left with multiple lines. Unfortunately, you cannot click the top and go do, you have to work backwards. This means you have to type your last sentence first and go back up to the top typing your words. Here is the video:

If you are having trouble feel free to comment below. When people ask you how you learned to do this please reference them to this article on Wojdylo Social Media. I am not certain if this works on Android or not. Test it out and let me know! Confirmed. It works on both Android and iPhone.



15 thoughts on “Add Multiple Lines of Text On Snapchat Trick [Video]

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  3. Shantel

    This does NOT work for my Samsung galaxy avant. Although I have seen certain androids that are not so updated that can do this trick. My phone is updated and I can’t do the multiple lines. This site is very helpful I’ll give it credit, but it doesn’t work on my phone.


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