What is the Advantage of Using WordPress for Lawyers and Attorneys?

There are a number of reasons lawyers, attorneys and law firms would benefit from converting a Justia, Avvo, Foster Web Marketing or FindLaw page to a WordPress page. Below I will highlight the content management and SEO value or WordPress.

WordPress was a Blog Platform Converted to Website Builder

Most website builders were website builders that have attempted to convert to blogs. This means things break rather easily. I have worked with lawyers, real estate agents and orthodontists that have the generic “specialized” website for their industry. Unfortunately, these website builders were created in the mid 2000’s and they have not been updated in about a decade. This means adding on a blog is rather difficult. I have had to jump through hoops trying to add content to some of my client’s websites because the interface is so clunky.

WordPress is easier than GMail. You log in, create a post and hit publish. It is as easy as that. Adding photos and/or videos takes less than five seconds. If you want to edit old posts there is a search feature that quickly allows you to find old posts. Everything you could ever want in a content management system is available in WordPress. The newest WordPress version allows you to naturally internal link to other pages by predicting the page by the highlighted text. If you mention “car accident in Phoenix” and you have a Phoenix¬†Car Accident Lawyer page you can highlight the words “car accident in Phoenix” and WordPress knows you will want to link to the car accident page. This is gold!

Google Loves WordPress

When I first start working with clients it is often the case that their frequency of content was extremely sporadic prior to our business relationship. It sometimes takes Google weeks and even months to start efficiently crawling a website. In the past I have seen it take up to six (6) months for Google to crawl a site. This is time and money wasted. WordPress has a system in which any published blog post or page will automatically ping the Google crawlers. Google will come to the site, crawl it, index it and hopefully rank it near the first page.

Even if this doesn’t work I have a method to get a blog post crawled by Google instantly. Feel free to reach out to me if this is a service you desire.

Changes and Updates are Easy with WordPress

When using Findlaw, Justia, Avvo, Foster Web Marketing or other website management systems making changes of updating a site is a pain. You have to contact them, ask them how much it will cost and then wait four to eight weeks for the updates to take effect. This is not the case with WordPress. If you want something updated it can be done in less than a week. If it is a minor update it can be done in less than 24 hours.

Rather than waiting around on some of these large legal website builders to change your theme or add plugins, you can do it yourself through WordPress. If you need help updating something related to WordPress I can gladly help with this or find someone that is knowledgeable in this area.


WordPress Allows for Easy Categorization

If you have had a website for more than a year you know things get misplaced or lost. WordPress allows you to easily create categories or pages that will allow you to quickly find articles, resources or other types of content. If you are a medical malpractice lawyer you can create categories for each type of injury. If you want to focus on car accidents you can create categories for the different highways and freeways in your town. This is not only helpful for you but it is great for user experience.

Photos, Videos and Audio Files are Easily Uploaded

The Internet has evolved. We are no longer reading 5000 words of text. Internet searchers want content broken up. Photos, videos and audio files are a proven way to make website visitors stay on your website longer. This is great for SEO and ranking on the front page of search. With some website builders, adding photos, video or audio files is like pulling teeth. In fact, this is a service I do not offer to clients without WordPress because what would take one minute to upload in WordPress takes 20 minutes to upload in a website builder.

WordPress also allows you to break up content rather easily. You are seeing that in this article. I can quickly create subheadings to break up the content. I could easily make headings under the subheadings as well. If I really wanted to great creative I could change the color of the text. The options are endless and easy with WordPress!

Make the Change to WordPress Today

If you are using Findlaw, Justia, Foster Web Marketing or Avvo you will want to look at where the web is going. If you find that one of these website builders offers all that I mentioned above then there is no reason to switch. If you are pulling your hair out because you can’t properly rename photos or you find your website crashes when adding a video it is time to make the change today.

It is important to remember that the number¬†of pages on your website will determine the cost of converting to WordPress. If you only have 100 pages and they aren’t that extensive, the cost won’t be in the $10,000 range. That said, if you have a 500 page website and you want a complete website redesign that is going to cost more simply because of the amount of time it will take to move all the files into WordPress.

If you are considering it I would suggest making the change sooner rather than later. If you continue to wait and you are publishing daily content you are going to spend more in the future because you have such an expansive website. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jwojdylo@gmail.com.

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