American Vandal Season 3 – Amazon Prime, Hulu or YouTube Red TV?

On October 27th, 2018 we learned that American Vandal has been cancelled by Netflix. The first two seasons were quite popular but Netflix has been slashing shows as of late. Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist were cancelled in the last 10 days and American Vandal is the latest to go. It has already been stated that American Vandal is being shopping around but it would seem that only a streaming service would be able to “broadcast” this type of content. One would guest Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube Red TV would be the top 3 when it came to this particular show.

Do you think anyone will take a chance with American Vandal for a season 3? If Amazon Prime, Hulu or YouTube Red TV picked up this show, would you subscribe to watch it? Would you be willing to pay $10 or $15 a month if one of the services picked up some of the other cancelled Netflix shows?

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