Why is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp So Slow on my iPhone

If you are noticing lag time on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for your iPhone please comment below with the iPhone you are using and which operating system you are running. We have noticed that when playing the latest Nintendo mobile app the little circle is spinning yet the game does not seem to be loading. If you are playing on Wifi or LTE coverage, this is still the case. Nintendo has stated that their servers are overwhelmed at the moment.

Are you noticed the spinning wheel of death on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? Did the game lag? Did you stop playing because it was going so slow?

One thought on “Why is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp So Slow on my iPhone

  1. Megan Dunn

    I played quite a bit last night on my iPhone 7 and everything went smoothly, hardly any hiccups or lengthy loading screens but right before I went to bed I started getting a few errors – and now this morning the game is unplayable. I can’t even log in without getting the communication error screen which happens if I’m on WiFi or my 4G network.


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