How to See What Apps are Currently Running on the iPhone X

If you have recently purchased an iPhone X you are likely trying to figure out if the apps you opened are still running. You can quickly swipe up to get rid of the app but you really don’t know if it is still open and running. This is a huge cause for concern if you are running many apps that drain your batter. So, how do you see what apps are currently running on your iPhone X?

To do this you will swipe up on the home screen but hold your thumb down. If you swipe up without holding your thumb down it won’t do anything. When you hold your thumb down the screen that shows all your running apps will appear. This is the same as double clicking on the home button on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

You can also close these apps by holding your thumb down on your screen when you can see all your apps. A red minus circle will appear on the upper left hand corner of the applications. You can close the apps by clicking on this red circle.

Did you instinctively know how to see what apps are running on your iPhone X? How did you figure it out?

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