What Doesn’t the Exact Title of My Article Show Up in Google Search?

Anyone just getting started with a website or SEO can be baffled by the fact that they write and publish a completely unique article, yet they show up nowhere in Google search. This is no uncommon for brand new websites or websites with very little power. Remember, Google only ranks websites in which the algorithms deem them valuable to searchers. If your website has very little SEO power, it is not going to show up in search, even for exact titles of articles.

That said, if your website has any power and it is more than a few months old, it should be showing up for the exact title of your article. If it is not, you should first check to make certain that particular article or page has been indexed by Google. You can do this by searching on Google “site:[yourdomain.com]”. You can then change the setting to last 24 hours or last week to see if the page or article has been indexed. If it has not been indexed, you need to use Google Search Console to fetch and render to have the page indexed.

If the page has been indexed yet it still does not rank in search, you may have bigger problems. You will need to use Google Analytics to make certain your website is still getting traffic. If you are getting no traffic, there is a good chance you have been penalized by Google. If you are still getting traffic you may have to remain patient to see if the article shows up in the next hour or two.

Something we have done is search the article title on mobile. Use your iPhone or Android to see if it shows up. Google recently announced that search results on mobile are much “fresher” or “faster” than they are on desktop. You will often notice that your exact article title ranks on mobile search but not desktop search. If this is the case, simply wait a day or two and you will see your article on desktop search as well.

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