Ascot Hats & Horses Snapchat Story on June 16th, 2015

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Today there was a very unique Snapchat Story titled Ascot Hats & Horses. From what I gathered this is a day in which those in England can watch and bet on horse races. I did a little bit of research and didn’t find anything about a specific race but the Snapchat Story showed fans betting on horses. Although Queen Elizabeth II was at this event I don’t think it was a truly huge horse racing event simply because it did not happen on a weekend. Here are some screenshots I took of this Snapchat Story:

horse-racing-ascot-snapchat girl-on-ascot-hats-snapchat ascot-hats-girl-snapchat-story queen-elizabeth-ii-snapchat-story

It looks as if Ascot is a city or town which makes much more sense. There were plenty of attractive young women in this Snapchat Story wearing some rather large hats. I don’t know much about horse racing so I will allow the commenters to take over.

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