Barcelona Life Snapchat Story on May 28th, 2015

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I scoured the web quickly and saw a few people talking about Barcelona Life for the Snapchat Story on May 28th, 2015. I have not confirmed this yet, but it would make sense. My fondest memory of Barcelona was the Olympics when I was younger. Other than that, I do not know much about this city in Spain. I guess we will learn plenty if it truly is the Snapchat Story for May 28th. If anyone can please confirm, do so in the comments below. You can also send me a Snap-text at jessewojdylo to confirm this is the location for the newest Snapchat Life City Story.

For those that are not old enough to remember, this was the Olympic location in 1992 when the United States fielded the best basketball team in history – The Dream Team.

Here are some of the screenshots I took from the Barcelona Life Snapchat Story:

girls-barcelona-life-snapchat snapchat-barcelona-city-story snapchat-story-barcelona-life barcelona-above-snapchat-story barcelona-life-castle-snapchat-story

There were some really cool pictures and videos of the different buildings in Barcelona. I throughly enjoyed the videos from the Olympics area and the castles. I thought this one was done quite well.

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  2. Alex Tomato

    Hey do you know which video was on Barcelona’s snapchat story on May 28th? It was a catchy song that started with a girl singing like “ba ba babababa Barcelona” and then other people came in singing. It was about 9 seconds long. Thanks…

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