Bay to Breakers SF Snapchat Story on May 17th, 2015

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For those that have been to San Francisco or live in the area you likely know about Bay to Breakers. If you do not live in or around the Bay Area you may have no idea what this is. It is a “race” in which participants have the opportunity to dress up and act a fool. There are some amazing costumes and the best costumes are often featured on websites such as BuzzFeed and Reddit. Here are some of the pictures and videos from the Bay to Breakers Snapchat Story:

bay-to-breakers-race-snapchat golden-gate-bridge-snapchat-story bay-to-breakers-sf-snapchat big-lebowski-snapchat-story twister-bay-to-breakers-snapchat

Some of the cool videos and pictures included a huge Twister Jam, the Big Lebowski and some hilarious costumes. If you participated in the Bay to Breakers race what did you think was the best costume? What was the most unique thing you saw? Did you have a good time at this event?

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