Bayern vs Dortmund Snapchat Story on October 4th, 2015

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While I am a huge sports fan I am not a fan of soccer. I know it is huge in Europe, South America and pretty much all over the world, but having been raised in the southern part of the United States I think of football as something different than soccer. That said, Snapchat knows there are millions of diehard fans that want to catch the behind the scenes action through a Snapchat story. Here are a few screenshots I took of the Bayern vs Dortmund Snapchat story:

soccer-fans-snapchat-story soccer-snapchat-october-2015 germany-soccer-snapchat-story bayern-dortmund-snapchat-story

With Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany getting started it comes as no surprise that Bayern and Dortmund fans were excited about this major soccer event. Are you a fan of the Snapchat stories that are sports based? Do you think Snapchat should do something different with these types of stories?

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