What are Beepers at Appalachian State University?

Boone, NC, has a unique form of transportation created by students of Appalachian State University. Being a small town, Boone did not until very recently not have any cabs, or alternate options of travel such as apps like Lyft or Uber. Uber has just recently outsourced to the Boone/Blowing Rock area but may or may not be successful due to such a well-known system used by both students and locals to the area.

Beepers are individuals who use their own cars to take people to/from wherever they need to go for a very small fee of $2 per person or $3 for a single rider. Let me explain how this works. A Facebook page was created entitled “Boone Student Beeper”, on this page, any of its over 17 thousand members can post saying they are beeping, with some info about themselves. Such info would include things such as their phone number, amount of passengers they can hold, and other miscellaneous info they think is useful to potential clients.

As an individual seeking a ride, you would go to the Facebook page, pick one of the users who has recently posted, and call or text them with both your current address and the address in which you wish to be taken to. Since this is such a small town, beepers usually make a fair amount of money through using this system since they typically will not have to drive long distances, and if they do they are more than likely going to be tipped generously.

It is also encouraged because it is not only inexpensive, but an easy way to support college students who cannot always have conventional jobs due to the amount of time they spend at school, studying, and participating in extracurricular activities. Although not perfect, beepers have been a great advancement for the small town in keeping drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs off the roads.

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