How to Get a Beme Code and What is It?

If youย are looking for a Beme Code please leave your email in the comments below. Follow my Snapchat at jessewojdylo as I will be giving out Beme codes on there when I get them. Send me a private snap text and I will try to hook you up.

Code for July 22nd, 2015


UPDATE: Beme is at #51 in the Apple App Store. It looks like this thing is taking off quickly.

I am now successfully in the Beme app (10:42 est. July 18th, 2015). I will start sharing unlock codes as soon as they generate for me. It looks like it will not generate any for me at the moment but that will likely change. Here are a few screenshots:

generage-unlock-code-beme beme-followers-list who-to-follow-beme follow-on-beme beme-followers-nearby beme-unlock-code-now

Well, we have another contender in the “disappearing photos and videos app” space. Now comes the iPhone app Beme that allows users to hold their phone to their chest and record. As one of my friends stated, “it is basically Snapchat with no text”. You can watch the video below to get more information on this new smartphone app.

So, Beme allows you to basically video tape what you are doing and share it with the world. While I think their is a space for this you can do the same thing on Snapchat without having to move all your friends and contacts to a new app.

After searching “Beme code” on Twitter it is obvious there is a lot of interest in this app. I will wait and see what comes of it but I honestly don’t have the time nor the energy to share everything I am doing from my chest.

Therein lies the problem; why does the video have to be broadcast from your chest? That is going to make my golf swing extremely hard! I just don’t think this is what the social media users are looking for right now but I could be wrong.

I will keep an eye on Beme in the App Store and see if it breaks into the top 100 in the near future. If you are looking for a Beme invite or code leave your email address below and hopefully we can find you a code quickly.

Will it really take 99 days to get into Beme if you do not get an unlock code? I cannot imagine they are going to force people to wait over three (3) months but who knows.


Have you reserved your name yet?

588 thoughts on “How to Get a Beme Code and What is It?

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  2. Matthew Wollin

    Hey! any chance i could get a code! looking forward to sharing my travel experiences with my friends and family

  3. maybeJulieIdk

    If you don’t mind, I would love if you could send me a bent code, I’m so excited to try the app..

  4. Olivia R

    Thank you soooo much Jesse! I have been waiting for this code. I may pass mine along to someone on this list.

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  6. Patrick Evans

    I’ll repay the favor. If someone gifts me a code. Today you, tomorrow me. Scroll to someone and repay!

  7. Sam

    Hi guys, send me a message if you still need Beme Codes… I know a website where they put new codes every day ๐Ÿ™‚ Bye!

  8. Dale

    Hi there. Thanks for your help. If you are able to provide a code for me that would be great. Thank you in advance : )

  9. Frank Smottle

    Hi, I’m a video blogger, and would love to make a video on Beme. I will help Beme to be known in France cause I live there ! Do you know that Beme wich pronouces “Beam” means BE ME, as Casey said. It is the all pupose of this app, love it !

  10. Logan

    My beme name is logeybear. I followed you on snapchat and messaged you. Hettmalw is my snapname. Can I please have a code?

  11. William he

    Would anyone that actually gets a code continue and share a code, like return the favour?
    Would be badass if someone shared a code with me to!

  12. Luke

    Please consider giving me a beme code I would really love to experience it before Casey officially released it my beme username is luke.phillips if that helps the process at all


    -luke Phillips

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