Ben Waller Relationship Goals Snapchat Show

There are four Snapchat Scripted Comedy Creator Shows coming out this summer. One of the more popular ones is Relationship Goals with Ben Waller. The show is described as “The story of two vain people coming together and coming unglued, all told through the POV of their closest confidante and must trusted companion: their phones. A found-footage You’re The Worst.” The release date has not been announced but it will likely be sometime in July or August 2019.

With this show going live very soon, there will be many questions:

How Much Does Ben Waller Get Paid for the Snapchat Show?

Snapchat is likely getting Ben Waller cheap as he is not the most sought after movie or TV star at the moment. While he is a YouTube, Instagram and social media sensation, do not expect him to be in the most popular Netflix series in the coming months. For this reason, do not think Ben Waller is getting paid millions of dollars for being on a Snapchat show. If you know how much he is making, please comment below and let us know.

Will There Be a Season 2?

With all of these Snapchat Original shows, the only way to determine if it will be renewed or cancelled is to look at the demand. Did millions of people watch the show and talk about it? Was it a trending topic? Did Snapchat see huge viewership numbers? If so, then the show will be renewed. If not, you can expect it to be canceled but they will never let us know. It will simply sail off into the sunset.

How Many People Watched Relationship Goals with Ben Waller?

While Endless Summer notched over 28 million viewers in June 2019 and Bhad Barbie had over 10 million viewers in the first 24 hours of her show on Snapchat, do not expect these types of numbers for Relationship Goals with Ben Waller. If it can get between 1 and 5 million viewers it will be considered a success and will likely be renewed.

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