Best Domain URLs for VA and FHA Mortgage Broker Website

If you are looking to create a mortgage broker website email us today at We have several website design options available for brokers and lenders.

With more mortgage brokers harnessing the power of the Internet, the domains available are dwindling by the day. No longer is it the case that you can gobble up or It is going to take some creativity and branding for you to get the best domain URL for your business. Before assuming you need an “exact match domain” that is keyword heavy, remember that Google ranks websites based on content and links, not the URL.

That said, it is important to have a URL that is “clickable” in Google search. If you are the and you have a large number of searchers finding you from Wilmington and Raleigh are they going to click on your website in search? In the mortgage industry, you do not have to be limited to one specific location so it may not be a good idea to silo yourself in. Something generic might be better.

We always suggest using a business name rather than keywords. If you use a business name you will be able to get more natural links from friends, family and business partners. Trust me when we tell you people are much more willing to link to rather than Keep this in mind when thinking about the best domain URLs for your mortgage website.

Some brokers may have to create a URL that is a subdomain of another large scale website such as Remember that branding is more important than just slapping as many keywords as possible into a domain name.

If you need help coming up with URLs feel free to email us at We have helped many mortgage brokers come up with the perfect URL and subsequently assisted them in ranking on the front page for specific keywords. If you are looking for mortgage broker website design, copywriting and/or SEO do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

We are 100% confident we can help you get more leads from the Internet. Instead of having to pay for radio and TV commercials to get leads you will be able to get phone calls from your online presence. The great thing about this is you won’t have to pay for ad spots every single month as you will rank organically meaning your leads will online increase rather than remain stable.

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