Best Indoor Batting Cages in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Over the last several years, a number of my friends have struggle through the winters in the Northeast. Being a huge fan of women’s lacrosse, I know how challenging it can be to practice when the weather is not conducive to being outside. Recently, one of my good friends introduced me to a very unique business model in which athletes can track their progress through an app.

The sports facility – Surge Sports Training – offers indoor batting cages, pitching machines and field space just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This Langhorne, Pennsylvania facility is one of the most modern and state of the art in the entire United States. Instead of just eyeballing the progress of your son or daughter, you can track their progress with stats and valuable information.

If you have been concerned about the inability of your son or daughter to practice for baseball, soccer, lacrosse or any high school sport during the winter months, you should not worry any longer. The Surge Sports Training facility is just the type of facility you need. Even if it is not in your backyard, it is worth the trip to allow your son or daughter to get those much needed reps in during the cold and snowy winter months.

If you are looking for field space for your daughter’s travel lacrosse team, this is a great opportunity. As we all know, playing lacrosse in the snow and freezing temperatures is not enjoyable. Rather than forcing your daughter and her friends to hold a metal lacrosse stick when the weather is freezing, it is a wise decision to find an indoor facility that can service all of your needs.

Do not hesitate to reach out to the state of the art Surge Sports Training facility. Let them know you need space for an entire team and they will be more than willing to accommodate. You can also have all the girls sign up for the app so they can track their progress throughout the winter months. They won’t have to worry about being rusty during the spring travel games that will be coming in early 2018.

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