Will Beverly Hills 90210 Come to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Those that think Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the first Hollywood drama clearly do not remember Beverly Hills 90210. This was one of Fox’s first hit TV shows in the early 1990s. Many that grew up during this era can remember this being the first real “teen” drama in which dating in high school and college was discussed. With many 1990s TV shows coming back it will be interesting to see if this one is picked up by Netflix or Amazon Prime in the near future.

As of mid 2017, it does not look as if Beverly Hills 90210 from the 190s will be streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There is a show on Netflix titled “90210” but this is not the show from the 90s with Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Brian Austin Green. In fact, many of the actors and actresses from the original Beverly Hills 90210 went on to huge acting careers.

If this hit TV show came to Netflix or Amazon Prime, would you binge watch it? Do you think one of the streaming networks should pick this up? If Beverly Hills 90210 is streaming will you want Melrose Place as well?

5 thoughts on “Will Beverly Hills 90210 Come to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

  1. Emily

    I’d definitely watch bh 90210 because it’s ok pop but they never play all the seasons and they always stop the series for a whole too which I don’t like.

  2. Kim

    I don’t watch cable just netflix and 90210 and Melrose place were 2 of my favorite shows. Please bring this to netflix I believe every girl my age( 44)would binge watch these shows.And watch all episode over and over again. They were just as popular as General Hospital for girls back then.


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