Does Bi-Mart Accept EBT, SNAP or Food Stamps?

Bi-Mart is a very popular store in the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Most Bi-Mart locations have everything from electronics to appliances to food. While it is not necessarily a grocery store, there are several aisles of food available. With Bi-Mart being a discount retailer and food being available, most want to know if Bi-Mart accepts EBT, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and or Food Stamps.

There are conflicting reports online as it seems to be the case that several locations do accept EBT but when looking at the Food Stamps database, it does not list Bi-Mart as participating. The best advice we have is to call ahead to your local Bi-Mart and ask to speak with the manager on duty. You can find your local Bi-Mart here. While not every cashier or hourly employee will know if Bi-Mart accepts EBT, SNAP or Food Stamps, the manager on duty will definitely know.

It is likely the case that most Bi-Mart locations do accept EBT, SNAP and Food Stamps as they are the discount retailer of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. They also have a pharmacy so they are trying to increase their customer base. There is no reason they should lose customers because they do not accept these forms of payment.

Have you been to a Bi-Mart that does or does not accept EBT, SNAP or Food Stamps? If so, leave a comment below and let us know the location and if they accept that specific form of payment. Do you want all Bi-Mart locations to accept EBT, SNAP and Food Stamps?

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