Does Bi-Mart Have a Store Credit Card or Charge Card?

Bi-Mart, one of the top discount retailers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, has a Bi-Mart Membership Advantage card but does not have a credit card or charge card. In fact, the Bi-Mart Membership Advantage Card is nothing more than a paper card that cannot be scanned nor does it have a chip. It offers some rewards, as shown here, but you cannot put or spend money on it.

It is interesting that Bi-Mart sells electronics and small appliances, housewares, hardware and power tools, sporting and hunting supplies, apparel, canned and packaged food, personal care products and prescriptions drugs yet does not offer a credit card. In the near future, it would not be surprising to find that Bi-Mart offers some type of charge card.

In the meantime, we suggest signing up for Credit Karma to see what types of credit cards you will qualify for. You may find that you qualify for a Chase, Citi or Capital One low introductory rate credit card that may be much better than a retail credit card. If you have had a WalMart, Sears or Home Depot credit card, you know just how high the interest rates can be. It is not unheard of to find interest rates in excess of 25% on retail credit cards.

Instead of trying to find a credit card at your favorite store, it is better to find a credit or charge card with a very low interest rate. That being said, the best thing you can do is pay with cash or check as you know this money will not accumulate any interest.

Do you want to see Bi-Mart offer a credit card in the near future? Would you apply for a Bi-Mart credit card?

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