Alaskan Bush People Billy Bryan Brown’s Official Website Hacked?

Each and every Friday night thousands of search visitors come to my Alaskan Bush People resource. It now has over 300 comments and the conversation has gotten quite heated. One of the first places I utilized when getting information for that resource was Billy Bryan Brown’s official website. He, or someone he knows, did a fantastic job with the website. It has to get crushed with traffic when the show airs. Well, that was until this message showed up in search:


“This site may be hacked.” is front and center under the Google search result. This is extremely bad for any website when it comes to click through rate. No one wants to go to a website that has been hacked or compromised. In fact, I would imagine most viewers of the hit Discovery Channel TV Show Alaskan Bush People will likely click other resources that show up prominently in Google search.

I have not clicked on the website since this message was displayed in Google search. I first noticed it on my phone, but now I see it on my laptop computer.

Billy Bryan Brown had not updated the website in quite some time but he might want to login and clean some stuff up before he loses tons of traffic and drops like a rock in Google search. Did you go to this website when it was up? Did you find it informative?

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