When Will Bird Box 2 Come Out on Netflix? Sequel Release Date?

We now know that Bird Box was the most watched Netflix film ever (in its first week). Netflix reported over 45 million accounts watch the movie in the first week and Nielsen confirmed it was a huge hit stating that only Stranger Things Season 2 received more viewers in the first week. Now that the Internet is flush with Bird Box memes and people are trying the Bird Box challenge, will we see a Bird Box 2? Will Sandra Bullock be back to see what the monsters really look like?

At this point, it would be very smart for Netflix to tease a Bird Box 2. They have already released what the “monsters” look like. For those that don’t know, a giant green monster with a baby face. Yeah, not as scary as one would expect, but we never did see it.

If there is a Bird Box 2, it will likely be out sometime in 2020. We cannot expect the movie to be produced and released by December 2019. Plus, there are plenty of other huge Netflix releases in the next few months anyway.

Do you want to see a Bird Box 2? Should it be the same cast or should they do a story of one of the other characters?

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