Bitmoji App Not Linking to Snapchat – How to Fix

On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 Snapchat announced you can create your own personalized emoji to share with friends on Snapchat. You can even use it on your Snapchat stories, well, that is if you were able to get it to work before the linking error occurred. Fortunately, Snapchat and Bitmoji have worked hard to get this fixed and it looks to be up and running.

If you want to fix the problem you likely just need to restart your smartphone or delete the Bitmoji app and reinstall. If you do this you should be able to create your own Bitmoji which you can use in chats or on your Snapchat stories as a sticker.

We are not 100% certain if you can go back and change your bitmoji as there are hundreds of options available. Early on, we have not seen a ton of people using this feature but it could catch on over time. The most important thing is that another Snapchat trophy has been revealed by linking the accounts.

87 thoughts on “Bitmoji App Not Linking to Snapchat – How to Fix

  1. laeticia

    hello , i have Snapchat ans Bitmoji but i reinstalled Bitmoji because it was not working (didn’t connect to snapchat) but it either didn’t work what do i do? My Bitmoji doesn’t connect to snapchat!

    1. Guru

      I figured it out!!! Make sure your snapchat and bitmoji have the same email linking them. Also make sure your snapchat email is verified

    2. Mathew

      1. Uninstall both snap chat and bitmoji.
      2. Reinstall both.
      3. Sign into snap chat using your email.
      When successful, pull up your snap ghost menu, click on the settings gear and then click on the button that says bitmoji.
      If it pops up “create bitmoji” click it.
      You may get a “session has expired” pop up over the bitmoji app, just click pass it to get to the bitmoji app sign in page .
      At the very bottom, hit sign in and log in with your email.
      Once logged into bitmoji by email from snapchat, it should pop up a “link snapchat and bitmoji” page and click agree.

      If the link up page doesn’t pop up, sign out of both apps, close out of them and start again from the beginning of step 3.

    3. Andrea

      I have figured out a solution!!! I had tried EVERYTHING and I could not fix it. Then this is what I did.
      1. Go on snapchat
      2. Go to settings
      3. Scroll until you find bitmoji
      4. Press link bitmoji
      5. At this point it usually doesn’t work but while you are on the website scroll up
      6. You will see a little banner that pops up
      7. You will see a little open button in the top right corner
      8. Press this
      9. You will be taken to the bitmoji app
      10. Close out of the bitmoji app
      11. Go back to snapchat
      12. Repeat steps 1-4
      This is what worked for me I hope it does the same for you!

  2. Roni

    My snapchat won’t link to bitmoji, bitmoji is updated, so is snapchat, I have tried countless times to go into snapchat settings but it does not show up with the bitmoji option at all.

  3. Kate

    Hi I have the same problem, I have updated both bitmoji and snapchat, I have also tried a number of times to go into snapchat settings but there’s no bitmoji option!

    Does anyone know of a solution?

  4. Emily

    I am having the same problem. When I click the sticker icon then go to Bitmoji icon, it loads but never goes to the app. I logged out of Bitmoji and tried to log in using snapchat, it takes me to snapchat and does nothing else. I’m disappointed. Any ideas?

  5. Amanda

    Mine wouldn’t link even after they were both updated so I went into my Bitmoji app and logged in. Went back to my snap chat and it would finally link

  6. Jack

    I downloaded bitmoji a while back and snapchat. Since I’ve made the avatar, it won’t come up as an option in snapchat. What do I do?

  7. Amin

    Had the same problem here and I’ve updated both apps, log-in and log out and all and the bitmoji option still does’nt show up in my snapchat setting. Lol I have no idea what to do and im done.

  8. Renae

    I still cannot connect i have updated snap chat and bit moji restarted the phone i can select bitmoji from snap chat settings it shows my avatar i click agree it just says please retry….

    How annoying im almost over it

  9. Moose

    I’ve had this issue for a while now and just tried something and it worked! In Snapchat settings (tap ghost at top of screen, then the settings icon in top right) – from there, click on Bitmoji, then link Bitmoji. You’ll go through the same process of logging in. Agree & connect and it should work

    1. About2Snap

      Where will Bitmoji appear in settings? I don’t even have it displayed as an option in SnapChat.

  10. Ej

    Hi , same problems here I have the bitmoji app and snapchat I have updated both of them and log out and back in to them both , on the bitmoji app there is no log in with snapchat option , which there was on my friends phone and when I log in with email the bitmoji is all fine but when I go on snapchat there is no ‘bitmoji link ‘ on the settings option ? Anyone help ?

  11. Sam Rosenthal

    I figured out what to do, go on someone else’s phone and log into your snapchat account on their phone and make your Bitmoji on their phone, then go back to your phone and it should work. Hopefully this is helpful

    1. KC

      YES!!! Thank you so much, I had tried everything I was about ready to give up, but then I saw this comment and decided to try it out and to my shock, it actually worked.

  12. Marija

    My bitmoji wont show up on my friends bitmoji when he tries to send one of both our characters in it..burnit works on my snapchat.

  13. Sandrag

    I have the same problem here. I don’t even have the ‘Connect with Snapchat’ choice while logging in to Bitmoji. I tried to use someone else phone and I linked but when I logged in Snapchat on my phone the Bitmoji disappear from my settings again. Any solution?

  14. Gabe

    Doing the same thing to me, please help.
    SC and Bitmoji are updated. I’m on the latest iOS and have a 6+.

    Tried all possible ways to link. Bitmoji opens snapchat but snapchat can’t open bitmoji.

  15. Ian

    If you’re using an iPhone you have to have Safari unrestricted. I tried everything I could do and nothing worked, I took my restriction off of safari and it worked perfectly.

  16. Jatin

    My bitmoji link icon does not appear in snapchat how should i fix this ?

    Running application on ios 8.3(12F70)

  17. Frustrated User

    I have the most updated iPhone, Snapchat and Bitmoji, have logged in and out and restarted my phone multiple times, tried logging in on my sisters phone where it says “Unable to connect” or something of that sort. Both apps use the same email address and even with all this, the Bitmoji option STILL does not show up under “settings” in my Snapchat. Technology sucks!!!

  18. Amber

    I’ve followed all the steps and re-installed snap chat & bitmoji. I’ve always added it to my keyboard. However, following the steps I can’t seem to find that ‘bitmoji’ icon under the ‘My Account’ info on snapchat – it isn’t appearing!

    Anyone have any suggestions on how I fix this?

  19. Call me as u want

    My Bitmoji, snapchat are updated to the latest version! But it won’t even take me to the Bitmoji app when I try to login with snapchat…. this sucks!

  20. Dest

    Guys— if you have safari restricted then it will not work. This is the solution that worked for me! Thank you to the person that previously said something.

      1. Jay

        If you have Safari restricted Bitmoji will not work!
        To fix:
        Go to general>Restrictions>put in passcode for restrictions. (Its not the same as your passcode for your phone)>then click on safari.

        Bitmoji will work.

        Your Welcome 🙂

  21. GM

    Snapchat and bitmoji are fully updated. Safari restrictions are off. Same email for both accounts. Logged in and out and restarted. Redownloaded both apps. And still no “bitmoji” options in the snapchat settings. Someone please help.

  22. Clarissa

    my bitmoji isnt linking to snapchat in any way. ive tried all ways and does not work. i have tried e v e r y t h i n g… this problem has been going on for awhile. i have an iPhone 6s + and it should work. when i click the button “create bitmoji” on snapchat it just loads for about a second and does nothing. HELP.

  23. Jasmine

    When I go into Snapchat or Bitmoji to create my avatar it goes to a blinking Bitmoji face and then it freezes & says “uh oh something went wrong”. I had one but I wanted to change my avatar (like I have done before) & it was doing that same thing so I unlinked it which deleted my account, so I went to make a new one & is still doing the same thing. Everything is up to date, I’ve done a soft reset, uninstalled & reinstalled, someone HELP PLEASE

    1. Sammie

      This same exact thing has happened to me and sadly I can’t seem to fix it now, I loved using bitmoji and it makes me sad thinking goes I can’t use it again 😩

  24. Sandra

    I have restrictions off , sc and bitmoji are updated , I’ve uninstalled and installed both and I don’t have the option for bitmoji on sc . Please f*ing help me

  25. Tamara

    I have snapchat and bitmoji but when I go to snapchat settings I am not given the option ‘bitmoji’ how can I fix it ?

  26. M

    I had the same issue where the bitmoji option didn’t show on snapchat.

    Turns out it was because my iPhone had not had an iOS for a while. Upgraded to the latest iOS and made sure both bitmoji and Snapchat were updated too.

    Hope this helps.

  27. K

    I have my phone updated, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both Snapchat and Bitmoji, multiple times. I’ve changed the restrictions, I’ve shut off my phone, I’ve done everything that I could do, I cannot get them to connect.

  28. Nicolette Pickard

    My problem started Tuesday 2/28. Bitmoji wouldn’t work with iMessage but still worked with snapchat. I tried all the above (deleting, reinstalling, logging out and in, restarts, and even unlinking and recreating my avatar). Recreating avatar worked to fix iMessage problem. But now it won’t link with snapchat. Says try again later. And has been doing this for two days.

  29. Keemo

    I have the same it shows a message says something went wrong pls try again later i tried many time to creat a bitmoji but shows this message. Someone can help!!!

  30. Frustrated user

    I have my phone updated, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both Snapchat and Bitmoji, several times. I’ve changed the restrictions for safari, I’ve shut off my phone, I’ve done everything that I could do, And still cannot get them to connect. Highly frustrated right now

  31. Alexis

    I had unlinked a bitmoji from Snapchat but how do I reconnect it? When I try it says create bitmoji and then it says it cannot connect

  32. Matt

    same issue as latest posts…uninstalled, installed and repeated again. “Something went wrong, please try again.”

    What’s the problem?

  33. Ann watson

    Log out of bitmoji and click on snapchat . Then click to make a new bitmoji through snapchat…works!

  34. Danny

    My Snapchat and Bitmoji are linked but all I can do is copy and paste won’t let me just and it and when you paste its to big

  35. Miloni Gajjar

    Formerly I had my bitmoji linked to Snapchat and unfortunately a day it turned out to be not working properly some of the stickers of bitmoji under some sections are not available on Snapchat while I can use them through the bitmoji app. How should I fix this ?

  36. $ad girl :'(

    i got the iphone 7plus and downloaded o the the bitmoji app and snapchat. i had a bitmoji before but i wanted to edit so i open the app and press “login with snapchat” and it takes me to a page saying the link didn’t work and i need to try again or email them so i try numerous times both through the bitmoji app and snapchat (going to settings then bitmoji and pressing sync bitmoji) but no luck i try disconnecting bitmoji, deleting and reinstalling, everything. finally i email them and all i get is something about how to sync it to keyboards. i email them again and get the exact same message about keyboards. what. the. heck. i just want my cute little mini me back.

    1. Julian

      Just make it all over again, but this time sign up with email, and then once you’re finished, make sure you log out of Bitmoji, then you know the process with the settings, click Bitmoji then in the bottom it’ll say “log in?” Click that, log in and it should say agree, and BOOM that’s how mine was solved

  37. Macy

    Delete then re-install Bitmoji. This worked for me! It is unnecessary to delete both Snpachat and Bitmoji apps.

  38. Cuore_lo

    Hello everyone and thank you for all your help but nooooone of comments worked for me, lol I haven’t used snap chat in months so haven’t undated or anything. So of course first thing I did was update and tried all your comments.

    🤷🏼‍♀️ You have to clear captia
    Then everything magically links and connects!

  39. Paige

    Hey , I wanted use the Bitmoji app to get the character on Snapchat but everything I get in the app it automatically says network doesn’t connect or something like that but my network is totally fine and my phone is working and everything so I don’t how to fix this … can someone help ?

  40. Kim Flood

    Only some of the bitmoji stickers are working in my Snapchat and I don’t know why. Friends send me stickers I cannot see in Snapchat but they are there in the bitmoji app. I have tried everything to link the 2 apps fully but nothing seems to have worked. Does anyone else have this problem?

  41. Devin Lopez

    for some reason after the whole thing with chats not sending and ish, i’m receiving messages late and when i go into chats with my friends, their bitmoji doesn’t show up for me even though they’re looking in that chat, but mine works for them. any suggestions?

  42. Am

    For getting 3d bitmoji video lenses u should first download bitmoji app and checkout either u are using front camera or back camera.becoz 3d bitmoji appears through back camera.

    1. EFC

      Antes me salían las lentes bitmoji 3D, cuando Bitmoji se actualizo a Deluxe, me dejaron de aparecer.
      He desinstalado las dos aplicaciones, y las he vuelto a instalar y se me conectan correctamente.
      Pero me siguen sin aparecer las lentes bitmoji 3D en la cámara trasera.

      La verdad es que no sé que hacer ya.

  43. Jeremy

    When in a conversation the other person’s bitmoji doesn’t show up in my conversation window… I do get a notification that there are typing, but when I open the conversation, it doesn’t show them in there, so inevitably as soon as I swipe to leave the conversation window, there message appears and I delete it before I get a chance to read it. Please help!!!


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