Bitmoji Happy New Year Party Blow Horn on Snapchat Map

Snapchat did not roll out any special Happy New Year actions on Bitmojis until very late. The Snapchat Map was very dull over the last few days but users are starting to see Bitmojis with a Happy New Year blow party horn. The one we saw was a teal green or blue but we are certain there will be many colors in the next few hours. We also expect to see 2018 glasses and Happy New Year party hats. What Bitmoji New Year actions or outfits have you seen?

Here is what the New Year blow horn looks like:

Do you like this action? Have you tried to figure out how to make your Bitmoji do this? If you update your story with yourself at a party, we are quite certain you will have the Happy New Year blow horn on your Bitmoji on the Snapchat Map.

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