Bitmoji with Huge Cheeseburger on Snapchat Map

For the first time, it looks like Bitmojis are now showing exactly what they are eating when they are at dining locations or restaurants. We noticed a Bitmoji eating a huge cheeseburger when the person was at a Jack in the Box. We wonder if you are at an In-N-Out Burger, Shack Shake, McDonald’s, Hardees, Wendys or some other burger place if this type of Bitmoji action shows up. Also, will there be different types of food that Bitmojis are eating?

Here is what it looks like:

What other types of food would you like to see? Sushi? Soup and salad? Pasta? Mexican? There are endless possibilities for the Snapchat team. They could even sell opportunities to restaurants and businesses that want Bitmojis to stand out on the Snapchat Map.

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