Why is My Bitmoji Upside Down on Snapchat Map?

In late November 2017 many Snapchat users are seeing Bitmojis that are “upside down” or “spinning on their heads”. This is something that is rather new and is just now being reported on popular Snapchat message boards, Twitter and other places in which users ask Snapchat questions. In fact, we have received many emails asking why a Bitmoji is upside down.

At this point, there is no logical explanation other than Snapchat and Bitmoji are simply playing around with their app. Remember that there will be a major Snapchat update on December 4th, 2017 so this is just another little knob they are turning to try and enhance the user’s enjoyment of the app.

Have you seen a Bitmoji that is upside down? What do you think this means? If you have seen your Bitmoji upside down and you were doing something specific to make it happen, please comment below and maybe we can figure out why it happens.

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55 thoughts on “Why is My Bitmoji Upside Down on Snapchat Map?

    1. Margarita

      I was drinking at home and noticed this too! I drink all the time though and uts the first time this happened haha

    2. Rachele

      I also was drinking with some friends at home when someone message me saying my bitamoji looked like that not really sure still why it chose that specific time.

  1. cookie

    my friends are the ones who noticed. i was doing homework when all of a sudden i received multiple texts and screenshots of my bitmoji upside down

  2. Rachael Morin

    A friend noticed it first, but when i checked…sure enough there I am upside down. My phone was just on the nightstand playing music via Bluetooth… Same thing it’s done allllll day long.

    1. Tasha

      I’m laying down and mine doing it. Then again I’m always laying down when I’m on snapchat and this was the first time mine did this

  3. Tal

    I was just watching Netflix, not even on my phone, and I got a bunch of texts from my friends that my Bitmoji was spinning so n its head.

  4. Rachael

    I have just woken up and my Bitmoji is upside down. I haven’t been at a bar or anything. I’m just home. I can’t find any explanation for this.

  5. Jenna

    So I was doing a headstand and I stopped for a while and it stopped. Then to test it out I did another one with my phone facing me and it did it again. Help? Is this proof that their are people watching you through your phone?

  6. Morgan

    I just got done working out at the house and my friend sent me a screen shot of it, I was the only one on my maps doing anything other than standing there lol

  7. Ally

    I was in Chemistry class when this happened and on kid in that class who keeps stalking my bitmoji on the map kept telling me and I’m just like wtf

  8. Jocelyn

    I was going back and forth through some apps while texting in bed and when I pulled up the map I was the only one out of all my friends and snap to be upside down. I have no idea why and I can’t find anything on google why either.

  9. Jocelyn

    Whoa. When I was on snap I just realized I asked someone if they wanted to get mimosas with me tomorrow. That must be why.

  10. purplelover

    I don’t even know. My mom was driving me somewhere and we just pulled up on the driveway and came to a stop just as I opened Snapchat and saw that. Quickly took a screenshot and then went back to normal. I have no idea what this means.

  11. Emma

    Mine just did it too, I’m at my college working on a group project, and haven’t really talked about anything interesting


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