Black Friday and After Thanksgiving Used Car Sales Near Raleigh, NC

Thanksgiving in Raleigh, North Carolina has become a shopping holiday. In the past decade, more and more retailers, car dealerships and websites have started to offer week long and month long Black Friday deals. No longer is it the case that you have to stand in line for hours on the day after Thanksgiving to save a few bucks on a TV or laptop purchase. Now we are seeing car dealerships get into the mix. Matthews Motors of Clayton is offering a week long Black Friday used car sale. The sale begins on Monday, November 20th and concludes on Saturday, November 25th.

This Black Friday sale includes a $250 Visa Gift Card with the purchase of a used car or truck. This is a gift card that will not be a mail in rebate or something in which you will have to wait months to get. You will be able to use this $250 gift card during other Black Friday and after Thanksgiving holiday sales events. Also note that it will be close to the end of the month during this sale so Matthews Motors will be trying to meet their monthly sales goal. There will be plenty of inventory with dozens of used cars and trucks on their lot. If they don’t have the vehicle you are looking for, they can look at their inventory at their Goldsboro or Wilmington lot and get you your vehicle in an efficient manner.

Vehicle shopping has changed drastically over the last several decades. Instead of having to drive to the car lot to see what is available on the Friday after Thanksgiving, you can now search online to see which dealerships have the specific make and model vehicle you are looking for. You can also find many different sales and deals that are updated throughout the month. When most of us were younger, we had to physically drive to a car lot, deal with a car salesman and try to negotiate a price. Now you can get a price point in mind and purchase the vehicle in an efficient manner.

If you are looking for the best Black Friday sales and deals in or near Raleigh, North Carolina please comment below and let us know what you are looking for. You can even see what WRAL is saying about Black Friday 2017.

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