Can I Block Someone From Seeing My Instagram Likes?

Over the last several years, millions of Instagram users have used the “heart” or “like” discover page to see what others are doing. In fact, some have gotten to a point of obsession to see what their crush, boyfriend or girlfriend is liking on Instagram. It is safe to say that many fights have started because someone liked a picture they should not have. So, is there any way to block your likes?

At the present time, the only way to block your “liking” activity is to make certain your account is private and not add the other person as a friend. If they request you either ignore it or decline. Another way to combat this is to like lots and lots of pictures. Instagram will only show 10 likes so if you like 20 or more pictures not all of them are going to show up.

That said, if you are liking that many pictures on Instagram you are already acting guilty. If you are truly having relationship problems about likes on Instagram it is time to sit down and discuss this with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you notice they are liking many other people’s pictures and not yours, there could be an issue.

We have also heard that boyfriends or girlfriends will text their significant other and not get a response. Instead, that bf or gf will go on Instagram or Snapchat and like or view other people’s pictures or videos. You may also notice that they are on their phone the whole time they are with you but when you text them they never seem to answer.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to combat social media relationship problems – address them. You need to make it apparent that their behavior is not acceptable. If you try to catch them in the act you are only encouraging their behavior.

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