Do Blog Comments Have Any SEO Value?

Each and every day I have to go through dozens of blog comments on this WordPress website. Many comments are for Hermes bags, Nike Air Jordan shoes and personal injury lawyers. If I do not through spam for a full week I will over 250 spam comments that must be discarded or deleted permanently. Many of those that I know turn off comments or do not moderate them. This would be an option but I realize the value of all content on a website. Comments are extremely valuable for blogs and resources as it provides extra information to visitors.

With that being said, it is important to know that blog comments can actually be harmful to your website. If you leave hundreds of comments with the anchor text “Atlanta DUI Attorney” on websites that are not related to law or legal issues Google will devalue those links or possible penalize your website. Please understand that 95% of websites that allow comments have these links set to “nofollow”. Some may feel as if this means your website cannot be harmed by leaving comments. That is not necessarily true.

There is a reason Google tracks all links pointing to a website. Blog spam links show up in Google Webmaster Tools so they must mean something. Unfortunately, some businesses or website owners go out and get hundreds or even thousands of links through blog comments. I would strongly discourage this type of strategy or behavior.

I think thoughtful and well written blog comments, in moderation, can have a positive effect in terms of SEO. There may not be a direct effect in terms of the anchor text of keyword phrase used. I would discourage using anything but your name or your company’s name when making a blog comment. Using a “money” keyword phrase looks spammy and any legitimate webmaster will delete this type of blog comment.

A long form blog comment will catch the eye of a webmaster and will encourage them to click the link to your website. If they find the information on your website useful there is a possibility they could link to your resources or blog articles in the future. Building relationships with other website owners or webmasters is invaluable in terms of SEO. If you want to start to build a relationship with me a great way to do so is to leave a well written comment on one of my website.

I am huge into golf. At least once a week I will scour the web for some of the best golf blogs and golf websites out there. If they are doing a great job I will leave a two or three paragraph comment praising them or asking a question related to the blog post or resource. It makes sense that I would link to my golf website if I am reading a leaving a comment on a golf website. I would never leave a comment pointing a link back to one of my personal injury lawyer clients; that does not make sense.

When deciding to leave┬áblog comments use common sense. A good SEO strategy, and Internet consumption strategy, is to find websites that you find valuable. If you read more than a handful of articles that are worthy of you telling a friend about there is value in leaving a thoughtful comment that tells the website owner or blogger they are doing a fine job. In fact, I would encourage it. Just use your name or your company name as the “name” in the comment; not the keyword you want to rank for.

16 thoughts on “Do Blog Comments Have Any SEO Value?

  1. Matthew

    Post comments on blogs with high social influence. Those articles that have a lot of facebook shares, tweets. I believe they have more value than those that have low social shares.

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  3. Hafiz

    I think blog comments are good if used wisely. They can diversify your backlinks profile as well as anchor text, if used correctly.

  4. Vinofresco

    I do believe that commentlinks have a value. I have seen a lot of organic comment links to a job information website from Q&A websites, where the comment link is a source referrer. If your website has this in large quantities, it should establish your website as a good informational source on it’s topic.

  5. Richard Bloom

    Great article Jesse. I agree with you that misuse of blog comments can be harmful to site but one major question I would love you have answered is what impact, from seo perspective, a blog comment with no keyword but linking to a website has. Does this help the website in anyway in google search ranking? How?

  6. Feegenie

    Nice article…some businesses or website owners go out and get hundreds or even thousands of links through blog comments.

  7. TipsLine24

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  8. Jamie Rockers

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    I have read your whole article, I am looking forward to getting a positive result after performing this myself.
    Can you suggest me any basic idea that I might need in the future as a new blogger?
    Thank you


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