(BOA) Your Account is Limited Text – Is it Real or a Scam?

Today, we received a text as follows: “(BOA) Your account is limited. Please follow the link to securely update your personal information: bankofamerica.bofa-sms.com” If you have received this text, do not click the link and absolutely, do not fill out the information if you have clicked the link. The phone number in which we received the text was (267) 551-6627.

Please comment below if you have received this text with the phone number and the actual text. This will help others understand if this is a scam or not.

Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to a website that looks just like a Bank of America website. It will look like this:

It states that Your account has been temporarily locked. Please confirm your identity. DO NOT DO THIS. This confirmation is your Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV and the last four of your SSN. Once again, DO NOT DO THIS.

This is not uncommon as there have been a number of text scams over the last several months. If you are a Bank of America customer and have been filling out applications or have applied for an auto loan or credit card in the last few days or weeks, you may be subject to getting this text. You may also find that this text is received if you have recently put your phone number in an application online.

Before putting any information on the Internet, make certain you are comfortable with the security of the website. Also, any texts you receive from a bank, mortgage lender or car loan company, be weary. Here is what the text looks like:


4 thoughts on “(BOA) Your Account is Limited Text – Is it Real or a Scam?

  1. Jim G

    It’s a scam. I got the Same message, but I’ve never been with bank of America. Also, please don’t click on the links because in some cases, that’s how they install malware on your computer.

  2. Katie

    I recieved this as a text today. Because my bank was overdrawn by £4, I assumed it had come from them. I’m not dumb enough to click links when my bank is involved, so I walked into town to pay what I owed. (I didn’t want my account to lock as payday is coming up). I took my ID like the text had requested and the girl at the cash desk said it looked like a scam. Scary thing is, they somehow knew to send the message when I was overdrawn. They must be connected to the automatic banking texts somehow. How else would they know? Just pissed off that I wasted an hour of my day before work to sort this shit out when I could of waited until I was actually in town next anyway.


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