When Will Bosch Season 4 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2018 Release?

UPDATE: We know there will be a Bosch Season 4 but there has not been a confirmed date. As soon as we get the premiere date, we will publish it here. It has been confirmed that season 4 will be released in 2018.

Amazon Prime has a hit on its hands with the TV show Bosch. This is the TV show based on the Michael Connelly books: City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde. Even if you haven’t read the books, there is a good chance you are going to absolutely love the Amazon Prime TV show. In April 2017 season 3 of Bosch was released and millions consumed it as quickly as possible. As early as April 22nd, the day after the season 3 premiere many wanted to know when season 4 was going to come out.

As with almost all hit TV shows, there are plenty of cliffhangers that leave us with questions when it comes to Bosch. Sadly, we are not 100% certain if there will be a season 4. That said, this is such a popular TV show, it is highly unlikely Amazon is going to stop producing a winner. Remember, Amazon has all of the data to show them just how many people watch this show and how long they watch it for.

If millions are watching a show on the weekend it comes out, Amazon knows they have a hit and need to continue further with more seasons. This is much different from traditional TV in which TV channels had to wait on the Nielsen ratings to get a true indication on how many people actually watched the show.

This is what Amazon has to say about season 3 –

Angered by the truths behind his motherโ€™s murder, LAPD detective Harry Bosch struggles to find integrity in an imperfect justice system. The killing of a homeless veteran, the suicide of a serial killing suspect, and the high-profile murder trial of a Hollywood director pit Bosch against ruthless opponents who all threaten to destroy him. BOSCH Season 3 promises to be the most compelling yet.

Did you watch all of season 3 in one weekend? Are you ready for season 4 to come out? Do you think season 4 will be released in 2017 or 2018?

Let us know your thoughts.

127 thoughts on “When Will Bosch Season 4 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2018 Release?

    1. Tucker Truck

      Love Bosch! Husband and I just watched all 3 seasons in less than a month! GREAT show! Can’t wait for Season 4!

    2. Jack Michalko

      Read all the books and have watched all the TV seasons. Let’s get season 4 made as soon as possible.

    3. Gary Edison

      I have just watched all 3 seasons and can’t for season 4. They can’t release it soon enough.

    4. james forestell

      Have read many Michael Connolly books from Bosch to Lincoln Lawyer. Eagerly await season 4 of Bosch.

    5. Yvonne Lofton

      Love it! There’s something special about the “mood” of this series that is simply addicting, from the sound, the music, the photography. It reminds me of running on the street after 11:00 pm, especially after a rain, with the streetlights sparkeling and just the sound of my shoes hitting the asphalt. It puts me in the same mood.

  1. N. Love

    I’m so ready for Season 4!!! The suspense is intense. Watched all of Season 3 as soon as they released it on the 21st!

  2. Steve Squires

    Watched all of season three this weekend. To bad there were not tennty kite episodes would of probably watched all of them

    1. Lynne

      Cannot wait for season 4. The show is one of the best we’ve watched. Waited to watch season 3 for a bit as we binge watch the whole season in 2 nights!

    2. E. Lee Kern

      I watched season 3 but before getting to episode 10 I kept going back and re-watching all previous episodes because I just didn’t want it to end! Such a great cast! WoW!!

  3. Elvis

    Bosch is an addiction! Watched all of Season 3 the same weekend it was released. I don’t know what to watch now in anticipation of Season 4.

  4. Ronnie G.

    I purchased Amazon Fire Stix and I never thought I would be so hooked on a TV series. I am retired military and Bosch is one of the best produced shows I have ever watched. It is compelling, intriguing, suspenseful, action packed and just totally awesome. I can not wait for season 4. You guys need to hurry up summer is almost here. Hurry up already.

  5. badgolfer

    l for one, can’t wait for season 4. A cliffhanger for sure at the end of season 3. Hopefully, his partner can see Bosch’s ways and forgive him.

  6. Dave Higley

    We watched Season3 in 3 evenings. We thought it was wonderful and were excited to know there will be a season 4.

  7. Bill Ratcliff

    We consumed Season 3 and are waiting for Season 4. Now we have Bosch Season 4 and the Longmire Season 6 to look forward to.

    1. Jody

      I watched all 3 seasons of Bosch while home sick for several days! It’s addicting! Can’t wait for season 4!

  8. Mark Werth

    I paced myself and took a leisurely stroll through Season 3 and just finished it today, April 27. Love this series and can’st wait for Season 4

  9. Linda

    I absolutely love the Bosch series! I marathoned the weekend it came out. I can’t wait for Season 4, I might just start all over again with Season 1…lol

    1. Evelyn bjornson

      Bosch is outstanding. I have read all the Bosch novels by Michael Connelly. They are fabulous. I love this tv series so true to form well acted. Cast is amazing. More and more please.

  10. Zach Marcus

    Just watched all of season 3 yesterday, finishing tonight at midnight. I’d watch the first episode of season 4 now if I could. Can’t wait.

  11. Brenda Morgado

    I try to read all of Connelly’sbooks . I read of course the whole Bosch series and was so sad when I finished the last one … then I heard that Connelly was having his Bosh series in film production .. Connelly lives in Tampa Fl last I heard . A friend of mine worked at the bank he does business at . Anything so cool to me that he is in my town … Iwas laid up with back pain when I got the Amazon email that Season 3 was out … watched it all in 3 days … I was OD- I got on Bosch and was left with wanting more . Guess we have to wait till next April 2018 for season 4 .. Thank you to all involved in making my favorite book series come to life ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  12. Christina M.

    BOSCH is an AWESOME series! I watched all 3 seasons this weekend. I can’t wait for season 4! The sooner, the better!

    1. Doloris

      So can’t wait for season 4. Love me some Bosch! Excellence series and hope for a season 5.

  13. Roni Cheever

    I am so,addicted to this series. I had never seen it before. When I found it, I watched 1&2 right away. Then I found out about 3 and watched it in 2 days. Can’t wait for Season 4. Just hurry that production up.

  14. Harold Heyward

    Correction, Watched all of season 3 back to back until completed. Would like to see Season 4 right now!!!

  15. Timothy Voyles

    Bosch true a true hit for Amazon please keep rolling out the seasons . Kills me having to wait for season 4 more episodes please…..

  16. Connie

    Love Bosch! Just a request…can the language be toned down some? I don’t recall the books using the F word so frequently. The stories are great and shouldn’t need to stoop to that.

  17. Catherine

    Love Bosch ! Enjoyed every minute of season 3 and can’t wait for season 4.
    Great writing , great acting all around , camera work outstanding, a winner in every aspect. Now if we could just have the next episodes in less than a year ! But I must say season 3 was worth waiting for. Titus Welliver excellent actor !!

  18. Doloris

    Bosch is one of my favorites. So happy to hear there’s going to be a season 4. Love me some Bosch!

  19. peter evans

    Bosch is down right exciting to watch. I have watched all of season 3 two days and savored every second.
    This show is a BIG DEAL. The production quality is above and beyond in every way. Amazon has knocked
    the ball out of the ball park once again. I can hardly wait till season 4 begins. We are living in the golden age of television and in a very big way Bosch is responsible for raising the bar so high. Every season of Bosch has pinned me in the chair.

  20. David Fowler

    Fantastic Show i had to restrict myself from watching all on one day to try and spread it out love love love it cant wait for season 4

  21. Guido Hey

    Bosch is an example of programming that is superior to the best-of-the-best available on other subscription networks. Every one has some good stuff. Amazon Prime’ s good stuff includes Bosch, Justified, Sopranos, The Night Manager, etc., which take the viewing experience to another, distinctly higher level.

  22. Stephanie Brian

    I watched all three seasons in one week! Totally addicted! Love Bosch!!! Can’t wait for the next season!!!

  23. Lou Guardino

    My only problem with the Bosch series is it they released the entire season and one release. Like everybody else that posted here, I watched the whole thing over a couple of days.
    If they had released it weekly we wouldn’t have to wait so long for season 4 after we finished with season 3.
    Impatiently waiting for season 4

  24. Bobbi Harrison

    We had just bought our new replacement Fire Stick that arrived just a few days after Season 3 was released, which we had been eagerly awaiting. Loved it and can’t wait now for Season 4 to begin!



  26. Meena

    Love Bosch. What a great, compulsive watch! I float my way through every show. The atmosphere is perfection, the jazz, the LA street scene, and the actors. Every single one of them is just right. Never seen a series so cosmically fine as Bosch. I could do Bosch weekly for 52 weeks every year and never reach that point of satiation. Keep it coming. Please.

  27. Mary Ann

    Watched all three seasons as soon as I got Amazon Prime. Have read all of Connelly’s book from day 1 so was not surprised how good this show is. Don’t keep us in suspense! Get Season 4 out NOW Please.

  28. B. Twyman

    Just completed watching season 3 of Bosch. In fact I started watching the series from the beginning a week and a half ago. It is a great series. I was hooked before halfway through the very first episode. This mystery drama is riveting and the acting is fantastic. I cannot wait until season 4 and I hope it won’t take too long!

  29. Catherine L. Paupore Mayer

    I have read all of Connelly books and have watched all 3 seasons of the TV series. Can not wait for season 4. Please hurry.

  30. Judith Knox

    Have read all the books but wasn’t sure I’d like the show. Boy, was I wrong!!!! Put all three seasons on my watch list and am up to season 3. Once in a while I’ll watch other shows I have DVR’d but it’s been Bosch most of the last 2 weeks. I’m totally addicted!!!!
    Can’t wait for season 4!

  31. Sandy

    Watched all of season 3 in two days. Love the show; ; have read all the Bosch books. There has to be a season 4.

  32. Nancy

    I’ve watched Seasons 1 and 2 and currently am up to episode 8 on Season 3. I really want to watch the last 3 episodes but then I know I’ll have to wait another year!! I don’t want it to be over!!!

  33. Ash Devero

    Amazing how everyone who watches it is hooked and cant wait for the season 4, it is up there with all the best,
    please please give us many more seasons……

  34. Cinda

    My husband and I watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks. We are totally hooked.
    Show season 4,5,6,7,etc ASAP please

  35. Michelle

    I was turned onto Bosch by a now ex boyfriend and I have to say that I love all three seasons. I watched them in less than a month. I am very anxious for season 4 to come out on Amazon!! A cliffhanger indeed!! I hope they renew the series as there are a lot of us that love it!!

  36. Carol Amelia Lasquade

    My husband and I love Bosch so much! We consumed Seasons 1 – 3 in 2 weeks and are now longing for more! I am going to start reading all the books while I wait impatiently for Season 4! Thank you for a wild, unpredictable, fantastic ride!!!

  37. Carol Amelia Lasquade

    Thank you for a wild, unpredictable, fantastic ride! Can’t wait for Season 4! Planning to read the series while I wait impatiently for it!

  38. Michael Thompson

    This is a quality show, good acting and exciting plot lines… I caught wind of it and was stuck for a week straight during which I watched al three seasons. I’ll be sitting on my hands until Season 4 hits the air!

  39. Brenda robertson

    Make lots and lots of seasons me and my hubby love love it it’s the best show ever make it soon we can’t wait

  40. Rhonda Terada

    Bosch is the best show on any television channel for years. The writing, acting, casting is superb. I loved the books and the series brings Bosch to life. Please bring on season 4, 5, 6 and 7!

  41. Roger

    Excellent series. Good job of melding book subject matter with TV script. Season 3 not quite as good as 1&2…
    Harry slightly out of character. Minimal complaint, just saying.
    Sesson 4 rumored to be March ’18… will be “The Last Coyote” and one or two other books. Would love to see “The Concrete Blond” and perhaps the end of the wicked lawyer…

  42. Melissa Pearson

    Love this show! Binge-watched all three seasons in seven days. Can’t wait for Season 4!

  43. Jane

    Bosch is AWESOME!!! And having read all the books, Titus Welliver is the perfect Bosch. Keep them coming!!!

  44. Steve

    The most compelling, addictive television I’ve ever seen. Titus is a magnificent actor, but the supporting cast is also wonderful. May this show last many more seasons!

  45. Deborah

    Have read all the Harry Bosch books as I have John Grisham, who has also had his books made into shows/movies. Bosch books are an excellent read, but, the TV series is even better and I didn’t think I would ever say that about any book to digital medium. Harry’s character is extremely well written and well played. I love the actor who has made the character the complicated, empathetic, “walk softly and carry a big stick” sure
    was perfectly imparted from all angles.

  46. Dana

    My husband and I are hooked! We just started watching the 3rd season and we just love it. My husband is a retired State trooper and he likes how this show seems more real life. Keep the shows coming! PLEASE!

  47. Dennis Markham

    A friend recommended Bosch to me. I’m a retired police officer and my friend knew that I look for realism when I watch a “cop” series. After the first episode of season one I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I decided to give it more of a chance. After watching the third episode (season 1) I couldn’t put it down. I binged on season 2 and could not wait for Season 3. I just finished it yesterday. What a let-down now to have no season 4 to watch (right now).
    I really hope that they do film a season 4 and beyond. Excellent show. Great characters, great photography and great music.
    Love it!

  48. Marjorie Milano

    I am hooked on the Bosch series. I downloaded all 3 seasons and watched it on the express bus on my way to work going and coming. What a well made, high quality tv series. Can’t wait for Season 4 to come out. Please hurry!

  49. Jeannie smith

    Didnt know what to watch. So I thought i try and watch bosch. I love it. Hook on it. Can’t wait for season 4.

  50. Anna Cavallaro

    I am totally consumed with Bosch
    Seen all 3 seasons , waiting for more
    All characters fit good,story line excellent
    Love that Bosch has his daughter with him

  51. DJS

    Love Bosch and Longmire series. Spent days watching them. Cannot wait for Seasonl 4 of Bosch. Hoping Amazon will continue with Longmire and not stop aftet the last projected Season 6 finale.

  52. DJS

    Love Bosch and Longmire series. Spent days watching them. Cannot wait for Season 4 of Bosch. Hoping Amazon will continue with Longmire and not stop aftet the last projected Season 6 finale.

  53. Brent

    I have read EVERY Michael Connelly book – multiple times. I love the Bosch series the best but love every one of the books. Great job on bringing him to life, great actors (even better than I envisioned), love the story on screen, even some of the changes between the books and shows and how they overlap some of the story lines between the books. Keep it coming! You tell me there are more and I’ll open my wallet every time!

  54. Paulette Kemp

    The tv program is like Micheals books. You can’t put the book down but you don’t want it to end so soon. I have read all of the books and kept saying I wished he make them into movies,well needless to say I was more ecstatic than a kid at Christmas. Keep up the great work and please season 4 soon. Thanks to all involved in the creation of the series.

  55. Barbara Betti

    I have read all the Harry Bosch books, and I read all of the Jack Reacher books-until that movie came out with an actor that was so out of character and so wrong for the part. But not so with Harry Bosch. Titus, you are perfect. And a big thank you to Michael Connelly for keeping the shows as true to the books as one can when bringing the story to life on the screen. My brother loved the Harry Bosch books. I wish he could have watched this series with me. Keep them coming!

  56. Terri Fuqua

    Hurry up! Do you think I’m made of patience? I can’t wait. This is my favorite series. I’m getting older by the minute…

  57. Ricki

    I binged watched the Wire which I missed first time around. Bosch is great especially since actors from the Wire are so prominent and Harry and Jimmy McNulty really overlap . Love it when Irving says ” bullshit “

  58. Mary

    Have read all Connellys books! Just watched all 3 seasons in one week. Need Season 4!!!! Walker needs to go down and I want to see it happen!

  59. Frank

    Just finished season 3 … what a bummer season 4 not yet out … hurry please … one of the best shows I’ve ever watched

  60. Ian Johnston

    Hands down the best police drama ever made. I’ve watched first three episodes two or three times. Titus Welliver plays an outstanding Harry Bosch. I hope they continue making the series for many more years.

  61. Loddie

    Love Bosch, subscribe to prime for this show there better be more seasons!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT AWAY LIKE YOU DID GYPSY ๐Ÿ™

  62. Sheryl Broadbent

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! And I’m in love with Harry!!! Please keep rolling out the seasons. My absolute favorite show EVER!!!! Heart-racing, edge of your seat scenes. The best of the best in casting. BRAVO!!!!

  63. Thomas Cole

    I have read about all of Michael Connolly’s books. I have always really enjoyed, shall I say loved?, yes loved Detective Bosch stories I can remember the very first book he was premiered in and my wife and father-in-law all really want to see a fourth, 4th, IV, season please. There is just far too much time elapsed between each season. Looking forward desperately.


  64. Thomas Cole

    Myself, my wife and father-in-law, we have all watched each season and episode with great anticipation. I read Michael Connolly’s first book introducing Detective Bosch. I was hooked then. It was fantastic when you premiered it in a television show on Amazon. Please continue the seasons we are eagerly awaiting season 4, four, IV.

    Thank you.

  65. K Hurley

    I hadn’t read any of Michael’s books, but after watching season one I have read every one of Harray Bosh books. Have watched all 3 seasons of the TV show. Can’t wait for season 4. I also hope for more Bosh books!

  66. Consuela SMiley

    I need Season 4 of Bosch in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am eagerly awaiting the return. So many unanswered questions. So man twists and turns. I have looked at the first 3 seasons several times. I have even gone to the Library so that I can read all of the Bosch books.

  67. Cathy Paterra

    First time my husband has watched a series like this and is still asking me when season 4 will be airing. We can’t wait

  68. Judi

    I really enjoy this series and ave become a staunch fan of Titus…loved him in SOA. ..PLEASE RELEASE ASAP! THANKS.

  69. Mary Anne Sjoberg

    At first I wasn’t sure I like the actor playing Harry since he wasn’t how I pictured him. Now when I read a Bosch book I picture Titus! Love the show and eager for season 4. I even sit through the intro because I love the way it’s done.

  70. Mike b

    Love the show and Titus. Great actor. Plots are interesting and the dry humor well timed. Amazon should have more shows this interesting Season 4 please

    800 words. When is season 3 coming out love the show too.
    Love this show also

  71. Ron Hart

    My family Loves Bosch. Thank you for the quality TV ,excellent writing ,acting etc.,in an otherwise mediocre world of TV Media.

  72. Pam

    Hub and I have read all the books AND have watched seasons 1-3 TWICE. Canโ€™t wait for season 4. This weekend would be nice…


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