Boston Red Sox Schedule 2014

The Boston Red Sox are coming off a World Series championship season so it should come as no surprise that many diehard fans will want to get tickets for the games during the spring, summer and fall of 2014. Fenway Park is a must see for diehard sports fans. Unfortunately, getting tickets are not the easiest process but Ticket Monster always has you covered. Over the course of the 2014 season this resource will be updated with some of the goings on related to the Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Schedule for 2014

Baseball is a very unique animal when it comes to sports because there are 162 games played in the regular season. In no other sport do fans have the opportunity to see their team play 81 times in the home stadium. NFL fans only get to see their team play eight times at home during the regular season. In college football, some fans may only get to see five or six home games. Below is the full 162 game schedule for the Boston Red Sox in 2014:

When making the trip to Boston remember to do your research on hotels and dining options. Fenway Park is situated in an area that is perfect for enjoying an entire night out on the town. Google Maps will help you find some of the dining and entertainment options.

From personal experience, it is sometimes the case that cell phone coverage is not that great in and around sports venues; especially large stadiums. With this in mind, it is suggested that fans do their research ahead of time. The iPhone and Android smartphones offer users a way to bookmark dining and entertainment options.

Here is the contact information and address for Fenway Park:

Address: 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215

Phone: (877) 733-7699

Adding this information to your phone ahead of time will make the trip to see the Boston Red Sox much easier.

Red Sox vs Yankees Rivalry

One of the biggest rivalries in all of sport is the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. These teams play in the American League East and they are often in contention to win a World Series. Over the course of the last decade it has been rare that one of these two teams has not won the AL East. The Tampa Bay Rays have had some success over the last few years but it is still a division that is historically dominated by the Yankees and the Red Sox. From 1998 to 2006 the Yankees won the division every single year. This was a difficult pill for Red Sox fans to swallow which made the rivalry even more intense.

When looking to get tickets to the Red Sox vs Yankees games in Fenway Park make sure to use Ticket Monster. They have a large inventory that will help you get the seats you are looking for. As with any ticket purchase, it is very important to recognize the price of the ticket will determine the proximity to the field. If you want to sit right behind the dugout or behind home plate you will pay a little more money than sitting in the upper deck of the outfield. A unique perspective is sitting on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park. For the longest time there were not seats available in this location. Now fans have the opportunity to consume the game from atop the Green Monster.

Check out all options that are available before making a final decision. Although some fans enjoy sitting in the cheap seats there are other fans that have the desire to be up close and personal with the Major League Baseball players. If you can attend a Boston Red Sox game during the week you will likely find the game is different than the weekend games.

As with anything in life, supply and demand determines price and experience. There are many more people that have the opportunity to go to a Red Sox game on the weekend therefore the tickets tend to run a little higher. It is also true that there is less parking and the restaurants are going to be much busier. These are things to think about before heading into Boston to watch a Red Sox game. Grab your Red Sox Tickets at Ticket Monster today!

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Lila M.
Lila M.

Nothing like being at Fenway Park, and watching my World Champion Red Sox play….. It’s great that this article already has the season schedule, and I will definitely go to Ticket Monster to choose my games early! We have bought tickets from Ticket Monster prior and there are no hidden surprise service charges!!!

Danielle F
Danielle F

I was planning on buying Red Sox vs. Yankees tickets for my dad’s birthday and now I know Ticket Monster is the place to get them! Thanks for posting the season schedule. My dad is gonna love it and I’m gonna love paying zero service fees!

Colin K
Colin K

We are taking my Dad to Fenway for the 1st time in 30 years. The savings on the service fees from Ticket Monster made this trip a lot less stressful financially. Looking forward to seeing the defending World Champs play live! Does anyone know when they will be getting their world series rings and have the trophy at Fenway? I want to see that game too!

Genna O
Genna O

I am a Yankee fan, but now I easily know when the Yanks play the Sox and where to buy tickets, at Ticket Monster! Thanks for the schedule and update on Ticket Monster!