Will Boy Meets World Come to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Recently, the latest in the Boy Meets World saga continued with the Netflix TV Show Girl Meets World. Fred Savage is back, much older and wiser, than in the 1990s ABC TV show Boy Meets World. Now that millions have watched Girl Meets World, they want to go back and watch the show Boy Meets World. So, will the old show be coming to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

The answer in 2017 is no. There are no immediate plans for Boy Meets World to be available to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is unfortunate, as most would be willing to pay for the monthly fee to watch all the seasons of this very popular 1990s show.

If Boys Meets World were available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, would you binge watch all the seasons? Would you be a viewer that made certain to finish all the shows before you started a new show?

Do you think we will see Boy Meets World on Netflix any time in the near future?

3 thoughts on “Will Boy Meets World Come to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

  1. Sami

    Ben Savage. Cory is played by Ben Savage. Fred Savage is his older brother and appeared once on Boy Meets World as a total, douchbag professor. Thank you.

  2. Evelyn

    I would watch all the seasons of boy meets world on Netflix cuz I loved that sh [w growing up but didn’t get to see all the episodes or seasons cuz had school. But I would love to watch it all of it on Netflix!!!!!!!

  3. Rissa

    agreed. you made a whole article on boy meets world and don’t get the main character’s name right. very sad about that. I would LOVE for them to put this show on netflix and watch the few that I missed through out the years!


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