If I Look At My Boyfriend’s Phone In Airplane Mode, Will He Know?

So you need to do some digging on your boyfriend’s phone? Well if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on that sweet gem, why would you want to waste it snooping in airplane mode? It’s all hands on deck when you only have a few minutes or so. The good thing is that when you are in airplane mode, no apps will be running.

So, if all you want to do is look at text messages and phone calls, you could put it in airplane mode. Just remember, once you turn it back on that he may be blown up with text messages which may result in a whole bunch of “ding dings”. This could blow your cover if you’re not careful.

I would just make sure that you don’t stay in airplane mode longer than a minute or so. If I were you, I would take full on advantage of your time and do your snooping without putting the phone in airplane mode. I would just not open any of his messages in text and in apps. He would know if you did that.

If he has an iPhone, you need to cover your tracks when you’re done. Double click the home button and swipe up and close all the apps that you opened and went through. That is the only evidence that could get you caught. Even if you are in airplane mode, you will need to do this clearing as well. Make sure you get it all cleared or you will have some explaining to do. Be ready with the reasons you’re in his phone is you get caught with it.

I would have my phone turned off saying that your phone is dead and you needed to look something up. If he gets mad, then he may be hiding something. Sometimes getting caught is worth it, especially if you find some dirt!

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