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In the last several months many doctors, dentists and surgeons have come to the realization that ranking on the front page of Google search cannot be achieved with the same strategies that were used in the past. “Money” keywords that can cost upwards of $50 to $100 through advertising on Google Adwords are highly competitive. To rank for “Breast Implant Doctor in Las Vegas” it takes time, social interaction, eyeballs on a website and, most importantly, a sound content strategy. Link building and paying a SEO agency to do their magic no longer works.


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Breast Implant Doctors have worked very hard to build a sound reputation in their industry. They do not want to miss out on potential customers by not having a website that ranks in Google search. They also do not want their competitors to get ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. More and more searchers are using tablets, smartphones and laptops to find breast augmentation doctors. Without a presence on the Internet there is a good chance a doctor or practice is missing out on potential clients. Social Media has drastically changed that online presence as it is now beneficial to have potential and past customers share resources provided by you and your business. This is why many SEO companies have altered their business plan to become social media companies.

What is the Difference in an SEO Company and a Social Media Company?

Several times a month I am contacted by an SEO firm or an SEO company. Most of the time they are looking to better understand how they can use social media to improve the brand awareness of their clients. Most of these SEO firms have a staff in place to build links or create content. Unfortunately, the link building tactics that worked in the past are being penalized by Google today.

The Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Google updates have all but eliminated the need for link building. Many major SEO firms have considered changing their name because SEO is considered a negative term for those that have been hit with a Google penalty. The best way to avoid any type of Google penalty is to build a readership and client base naturally. Google+ has changed the way most Internet Marketers think about SEO and Social Media. The social layer of Google allows businesses to use Google resources to reach a broad audience online.

An SEO company is often considered a company that will help businesses increase their search ranking. Some are better than others. If an SEO company tells you they are going to buy links for “Breast Implant Doctor” I would run as fast as I could. If they mention any type of linking that does not seem natural it is best to continue the search. In fact, I do my best to make certain that my clients only receive natural links from reputable sources. This takes time and energy but it is worth it over the long run.

Most social media companies help businesses build their brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social platform that is useful for a specific industry. Unfortunately, a large majority of these social media companies have been slow to adopt Google+. If a Breast Implant Doctor wants to rank in Google search it makes sense that Google+ would be the social network of choice. Ultimately, all private practice professionals must decide on their end goal. Would they like to receive more clients or do they care how many likes they get on Instagram? I enjoy helping doctors, dentists and surgeons build their practice and make more money.

How Google+ Changed Search and Social Media for Doctors

Over the last two years Google has slowly layered Google+ into most of their products. If you use YouTube, Google Search, Android or Google Maps you will see some type of Google+ integration. This helps Google to see what you are doing as an individual and a business. It makes sense that Google will use this data to alter search rankings in the future. It is very important to note that no studies have been completed to prove the Google+ shares, comments or +1’s directly affect Google search.

That said, I personally believe engaging and interacting on Google+ will naturally help a business build its brand and its reputation. As more and more people get to know the name of a doctor or a doctor’s office they will be willing to mention it on all social networks and tell their friends through emails, blog posts and status updates. The word of mouth marketing opportunities on Google+ are tremendous.

Google+ Hangouts on Air offer users the capability to produce live videos that are immediately uploaded to YouTube. A Hangout on Air can be a question and answer session that explains what to expect from a breast augmentation surgery. It can also be an information session to help those that have recently received breast implants. There are many ways Breast Implant Doctors can use Google+ Hangouts on Air. The most effective aspect of Hangouts on Air is the fact that YouTube videos are indexed in both Google search and YouTube search.

This will only increase the search exposure for a business. Most doctors realize that ranking in search is very important when it comes to growing a business or practice. When Internet users want to find the “best Breast Implant Doctor” they are not going to go to Twitter or Facebook. They are going to go to Google and search to see what comes up. If you happen to come up near the top of the page you won’t be able to keep up with all the business you receive.

Finding the time to complete videos is often difficult for doctors. Understand that all Google+ posts are indexed in search. Even if the post is a link to a resource that has been written by a doctor it will be indexed in Google search. With over 5000 hours of experience on Google+ I have researched and analyzed what works and what does not works in terms of Google+, ranking in search and getting engagement from other users.

What Breast Implant Doctors Should Do for Social Media

Unfortunately, most doctors do not have the time to keep up with social media trends. They definitely don’t have the time to update a Google+ page multiple times a week. They are needed in other, much more important, areas. Rather than trying to become a social media expert it is sometimes best to hire someone that has excelled in this area over the last several years. With over 530,000 Google+ followers I deeply understand how Google is weaving Google+ into all Google products.

I also have a very strong background in Internet Marketing and ranking in Google search. By combining these skill sets I have been able to help many professionals such as lawyers, doctors, life insurance agents, real estate agents and other entrepreneurs rank in Google search for highly competitive keywords. It is important to understand that this does not happen over night. It takes time and strategy. If you are looking for someone that has the ability to increase the search and brand exposure of your private practice please email me at

Ranking on the front page of search for specific local keywords may help you take the next step with your business. This is an investment that will offer a return in perpetuity. While Google Adwords and advertising on Facebook are viable options in the current ecosystem it is hard to argue that having a strong web presence that ranks in all search engines will not be beneficial for many years and decades from now.

Where Should Online Advertising Budgets Be Invested?

It is no longer the case that Breast Implant Doctors or any private practice doctors use their entire budget for the Yellow Pages and newspaper ads. Years ago, most doctors accepted that this was the best way to get new patients or clients. Now, those looking to have surgery will go online and search Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN or AOL. It is not uncommon for an individual to go through the entire search process without ever picking up the phone to contact a doctor’s office.

This means that it would be wise to spend, at least, some of the advertising budget online. Doctors will often set up a Google Adwords online campaign and pay upwards of $50 to $75 a click. This will definitely get eyeballs on a website but it can come at a high cost. With just 10 or 15 clicks it could cost a private practice doctor $1000. These 10 clicks could happen in one day. There are plenty of amazing tools available to help explain how to run a successful Google Adwords campaign.

If paying a significant amount for each click is not what you desire there are opportunities to increase content on a website. Combining content with social media will allow a doctor’s website to show up in search for many more search phrases. Think about it. With more variations of words on a website or page it stands to reason that searchers will find the resource through a plethora of different phrases. Most people consider this SEO which stands for search engine optimization. There are other aspects of it such as title tags, the proper structure to a blog post and optimized photos but in more words or less it is simply getting content on a page and promoting it across different social media platforms.

A Photo Showing Up in Google Search for Doctors

Over the past several months many doctors, dentists and lawyers have contacted me asking me how to get their photo to show up in Google search results. This is known as Google Authorship and it takes a Google+ profile to install authorship on a website. It is a two way verification process that takes a few steps. Basically, you must add a snippet of code to your website and verify that code by adding the website to the “contributor to” section on the Google+ About Me page.

This may sound a little confusing which is why I offer the service to those that want to install authorship for their photo to show up in search. If this is something you would like to do as a private practice doctor or for multiple doctors on a single website please reach out to me at Once authorship is installed it will be a very short amount of time before the photo of the author will start showing up in search. It is important to understand that this is not a polished product at the moment so there will be times in which authorship does not show up as desired. There are Google tools that allow a website owner to make certain authorship has been installed correctly. Once it has been installed the website owner or webmaster is good to go and the photo will start showing up soon.

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