Who is Britney Tokyo that Does Khloe Kardashians Nails?

Khloe Kardashian recently snapped a picture of a freshly new gold glittery manicure. She said they were done by Britney Tokyo. So who is she? She is a well-known celebrity nail artist that has won numerous international awards. She doesn’t work at a normal nail salon and getting an appointment with her is nearly impossible.

She brings the nails to whatever celebrity can snag some time with her. Her social media sites are littered with some of the most creative and bizarre nail artwork that I’ve seen. From Miley Cyrus famous tongue to Tupac and My Little Pony. She does a lot of the 3D artwork as well with all kinds of jewels, glitter and colors. You better have some extra cash because her prices start around $200. I’ll stick to my fancy press on nails thanks.

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