When Will Budding Prospects Season 1 Be on Amazon Prime? Season 2 Renewed?

In March 2017, Amazon released five pilots for their subscribers to watch. One of the most popular will likely be Budding Prospects which is a show set in the early 1980’s. With the success of Stranger Things, also set in the 1980’s, it will likely be the case that we see a number of shows from this time period in the near future. Unfortunately, you can only watch the pilot as the entire first season has yet to be released on Amazon Prime.

Budding Prospects is set in 1983, when three hapless city boys move from urban San Francisco to the stunning wilderness of Northern California and harvest a crop of illegal marijuana to the tune of half a million dollars. Oscar nominee Terry Zwigoff directs.

With Amazon doing such a great job with these TV shows we would expect to see the first season out sometime in the late spring or early summer. It will likely be the case that the first new pilots will get their entire seasons launched on different weeks as Amazon does not want to overlap content.

One would expect to see one of the first seasons premiering on Memorial Day weekend as millions will have a three day weekend to watch as much Netflix and Amazon Prime as they so desire. Throughout the spring and summer we can expect both Netflix and Amazon to have as many first seasons as possible for their subscribers.

As far as a season 2, we will have to wait and see the success of season 1. If the reviews come in strong and many are actively leaving comments online, it would stand to reason that a season 2 will be renewed and will be available in 2018.

Did you like the pilot? When do you want to see the entire first season?

After watching the entire first season, will you be waiting for season 2? Do you want a season 2?

3 thoughts on “When Will Budding Prospects Season 1 Be on Amazon Prime? Season 2 Renewed?

  1. Samantha samra

    I just watched the first episode and love it!!! Keep them coming please. Lovef stranger things also but I’m a medical maryjuana patient and love shows about well yeah cannibas lol. Keep them coming and I’ll keep watching and passing on to friends and social media how awesome it is!

  2. Richard Dutra

    This is a really thought-provoking pilot that could be as popular as Sci Fi channel’s “The Expanse”. Intelligently written, the pilot of Oasis only teases us on how good it could be. Now, all we need is for Amazon to give us a full season to find out.

  3. Piotr Pawlikowski

    TC Boyle never writes with an idea (hope?) that his writing could be turned into a movie. That poses some challenges for a screenwriters. It doesn’t help that “Budding Prospects” (the book) has some cult-like following: everyone has their ideas about the characters and who can possibly impersonate them. I’m not different, so I have mixed feelings about directors’ choices… However, I do want the series to continue… even if I were to be disappointed at the end.


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