How to Get a Business Name Instead of URL in Google Mobile Search

In the last 48 hours we have noticed more and more business names showing up under Google Search results. In what was once always a spot for URLs is now another branding opportunity. You may wonder why Google is doing this and which businesses get it.

Google is doing this to offer more of a branding opportunity for businesses that are actually brands. This is just another step towards Google pushing real world brands and businesses rather than exact match domains or fake websites such as fake news.

Here is what the new business name in mobile search looks like:

Note that the search is for Raleigh Orthodontist but under Dr. Jason Gladwell’s website is Gladwell Orthodontics and not

We have been saying it for quite some time, if you hope to rank in Google Search you will need a brand name or a business name to gain traction. All of these fake or spam websites that are trying to pump traffic to a domain that doesn’t offer anything useful will find that their search rankings drop in the near future.

We have not tested to see if the click through rate increases for the brand names but we would imagine so. If your business does not have the brand name on Google mobile search results we would suggest making some adjustments quickly. You can email us at if you want to learn more about ranking higher in Google search results with personal and business branding.

If you are a personal injury law firm, orthodontics practice, car dealership or mortgage broker, this is something you will want under your Google mobile search result. If you continue to wait and allow competitors to create a brand that is more recognized than yours, they are going to outrank you in Google search in the near future.

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