How to Buy or Rent Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles are a lot of things, but they are not for the faint hearted. Snap Inc’s first physical piece of technology is about as hard to acquire as a Super Bowl ticket. Not really, but for instant-gratification loving millennials… it feels just as difficult! There are a few ways in which you can get yourself a pair of these spectacles… but unless you’re patient and in the right place at the right time, you can plan on paying some big bucks for Snap Inc’s latest wearable. Spectacles currently come in black, teal and coral. There is a “limited edition” gray-speckled, but finding Spectacles in this color really might be as hard as getting a Super Bowl ticket.

The first step to acquiring a pair of Spectacles is to identify a Snapbot. In order to identify a Snapbot, you must go to the spectacles website (, and go to the “find a bot” section as you scroll down. When you click on this section, a “sleeping phone” (you will see what I mean when you go to this page) appears with a timer. The first time I went to this page, I had to wait for about a 2-hour countdown until a map was revealed with a Snap bot location in Austin, TX. I happen to live in New York City where there is a pop-up Snap Inc. store, however for the rest of the country’s purpose, I will continue on with my explanation of how to discover a Snapbot.

Once you discover where a Snapbot is located, you must keep in mind that Snapbot’s locations move about every 48 hours. The “sleeping phone” on the find a Snapbot page is the countdown until the next location for the Snapbot is unveiled. Locations are unveiled 24 hours before a Snapbot is set to appear. Buying a pair of Spectacles from a Snapbot is by far the most difficult way to acquire a pair of Spectacles. There is no way to confirm whether a bot will appear in your vicinity. If a bot does arrive near you, consumers must find out about it and arrive within the 48 hours the Snapbot is present!

The next way to get yourself a pair of Snap Spectacles is far less time intensive and far more expensive. Ebay is a site that I feel I have not heard about since I was in middle school, however it is now THE place to buy your second hand pair of Snap Spectacles. People are going to Snapbots and buying Spectacles because they have been resold at up to $1000. If you get Snap Spectacle’s from a bot, they are only $129.99! A $870.01 profit margin is pretty great, so it’s no wonder people have been flocking to bots to purchase a pair of Spectacles regardless of their actual interest in using them. Right now as I scroll through Ebay, it seems the average pair of Spectacles is going for around $215-$300.

The final way to get your hand on a pair of spectacles is fleeting because consumers are now able to rent a pair of Spectacles. Lumoid and Joymode are two companies that give people the chance to rent Spectacles for 3 and 4 days respectively. Lumoid is charging $60 for 3 days in comparison to Joymode’s $40 for 4 days. The better bargain is apparent. While this option certainly isn’t as gratifying as owning your own pair, it is economical if you are really only looking to see what Spectacles are really about.

Depending upon a person’s patience, location, and discretionary funds, there is a “right” option out there for those looking to either own or try out Snap Spectacles. Right now, these wearables are pretty hard to come by. For people like me who would love a pair of Snap Spectacles but don’t necessarily want to go through the effort to acquire them, we will have to hope that Snapchat makes more Spectacles and releases them online. One place I can guarantee you the Snapbot will be in the near future is in Pasadena, CA at the Rose Bowl on January 2nd, 2017. For any West-coasters’ reading this article, a Snapbot announced more than 24 hours ahead of time is a very rare thing, so start making your plans now!

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