‘Calabasas’ Sweat Pants in Khloe Kardashians Snapchat

Khloe Kardashian was seen shopping through a collection of sweatpants recently on her snapchat. So what are these track pants branded with the word ‘Calabasas’ that she seemed so excited about? They’re from brother-in-law Kanye West’s YEEZY season 4 clothing line.

They are Adidas-branded sweatpants with the word ‘Calabasas’ printed on them. They were originally supposed to be invites to his YEEZY season 4 fashion show. Printed on the backside has “Season 4 Performance By Vanessa Beecroft 9 7 2016 3 PM Presented By Adidas”.

The pants were not produced in time to be used as invites and were never officially released to the public. Everyone was going crazy about them…which I really don’t understand because there isn’t anything spectacular about them in the first place. Way to keep the exclusivity alive Khloe for us commoners that won’t be able to land a pair.

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